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“Whatever you are giving your attention to causes you to emit a vibration, and the vibrations that you offer equal your asking, which equals your point of attraction.”

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You are only 17 seconds away from 68 seconds to fulfillment. With only a few seconds of focusing your attention on a subject, you activate the vibration of that subject within you, and immediately the Law of Attraction begins to respond to that activation. The longer you keep your attention focused on something, the easier it becomes for you to continue to focus on it because you are attracting, through the Law of Attraction, other thoughts or vibrations that are the essence of the thought you began with.

Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, a matching vibration becomes activated. And now as that focus becomes stronger and the vibration becomes clearer, the Law of Attraction will bring to you more thoughts that match. At this point, the vibration will not have much attraction power, but if you maintain your focus longer, the power of the vibration will become further reaching. And if you manage to stay purely focused upon any thought for as little as 68 seconds, the vibration is powerful enough that its manifestation begins.

When you repeatedly return to a pure thought, maintaining it for at least 68 seconds, in a short period of time (hours in some cases or a few days in others), that thought becomes a dominant thought, you will experience matching manifestations until you change it.

Remember that:

* The thoughts you think equal your point of attraction.

* You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

* Your thoughts equal vibration, and that vibration is then answered by the Law of Attraction.

* As your vibration expands and becomes more powerful, it eventually becomes powerful enough for manifestation to occur.

* In other words, what you think (and therefore feel), and what manifests in your experience, is a vibrational match. "Ask and It Is Given"

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Law of Attraction says, "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

"There is nothing that you can not be, or do, or have."



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