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Welcome to Magnetic News!

Here's an excellent e-book on
manifesting your desires.


I recommend checking this out:

A community of Abraham Hicks fans who have come together to connect, share notes, swap stories, learn from each other and ultimately master the art of deliberate creation with the support from their Abraham Hicks peers.

In this issue of Magnetic News, we have Jeannette Maw's
newest article called "Raise Your Personal Setpoint to
Enjoy the Fruits of Your Manifesting Efforts."

Ready to rock?

Let's go...........

Raise Your Personal Setpoint to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Manifesting Efforts


Here’s the deal. As we play more with the law of attraction and get better at our conscious creation skills, one thing in particular needs to change in order for us to fully enjoy the spoils of our manifesting efforts.

Until we make this change, we may find that our success pops in briefly before it fades, or sometimes it might feel like we take one step forward just to experience two steps back.

I’m talking about our personal setpoint for how good we’re willing to let it be.

Each of us has a threshold for happiness, well-being and success, and if we intend to manifest the sorts of things that increase our well-being, we’ve got to raise our personal threshold.

Maybe you’ve seen this at work in your life already – like how the honeymoon ends in a new relationship, or the way you can’t seem to accumulate more than a certain amount of money before new expenses arise, or when your dream come true job turns out to be a lot like the one you just left.

This happens because we have a “happiness” range within which we’re used to living. In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Author T. Harv Eker calls it a personal blueprint; Gay Hendricks refers to it as an upper limit problem in his book The Big Leap. Regardless of what you call it, it’s important to understand that we each have a tendency to gravitate to a familiar level of happiness, abundance and success.

Until you raise your personal well-being setpoint, you can intend all the best things into your world and they either can’t make it in or they won’t last for long. (Incidentally, this also works in the reverse to our benefit – where if adversity hits, we won’t stay down for long.) This is why the majority of lottery winners burn through the money in a short period of time, and why Donald Trump quickly rebounded from bankruptcy.

So how do you raise your setpoint? It starts with your conscious awareness of when you’re bumping up against your “ceiling.” Once you see it in action (where you notice an old pattern of sabotage in your relationship or you don’t follow through on a money-making opportunity), you simply observe that you may be experiencing the upper limit of your prosperity or well-being threshold. Then, without judgment or resistance of it, you consciously intend to allow greater prosperity or well-being. Simply put, you CHOOSE to let it in.

No magic tricks or mantras required – the power of your conscious attention is all that’s needed to intentionally allow more good into your world. (Doreen Virtue recommends a visual process for this in her book titled Divine Magic, where you imagine a lever that you can adjust when you want to let more good in.)

You can further this process by reminding yourself of your intrinsic worth, and by better knowing that you deserve all good things. (A powerful affirmation may come in handy for that!)

The knowledge of your unconditional worthiness will help you align vibrationally with the good things you’re calling in. So here’s to getting used to the good life, and effortlessly allowing all your dreams and desires easy entry into your beautiful world!


Law of Attraction Coach JeannetteJeannette Maw is the Good Vibe Coach in Salt Lake City, Utah who delivers good vibes twice a week in her Good Vibe blog at  You can also find helpful law of attraction resources at her home page





Thanks Jeannette!

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