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Magnetic News

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Magnetic News
December 23, 2005

I can't believe how fast this year went. The end of 2005 is here. Wow! I want to wish you the best for 2006.

I also want to thank all of you who signed up for the newsletter at my new About Self Improvement site. I'll probably wait till after the first of the year before I get the first issue of "A Better Self" out. Hang in there with me, ok?

I have included an article written by David Cameron in this issue. I thought I'd just do one article this time. At the end of the article, I have a surprise for you. (don't go there the article first!)

Here's David's article:

small santa
How To Use This Christmas To Expand Your Capacity To Give And Yet Grow Richer Financially

By David Cameron Gikandi

Christmas, that time of the year is here again. I would suggest that you use it wisely to learn more about your subconscious financial blueprint, and expand it. Here is how.

At Christmas time, we give gifts. And we receive gifts. It is a time of giving and receiving, perhaps the biggest such time of the year. What else is about giving and receiving? Money! One of the top reasons why most people find it hard to acquire riches is because they are terrible receivers, even worse than they are weak at giving.

If you look at all life, you will notice that it is all a process of exchange. When you breathe, you breathe in and out. And a river gives water to the plants, the plants give water to the atmosphere, the atmosphere gives to the rivers, and it continues. When any part gives, another part receives. When you buy something, you give money and receive some kind of value from whatever you bought. Life is an exchange that always involves give and take.

Your capacity to receive directly determines your wealth! So does your capacity to give.

If you find it difficult to receive compliments, to be praised for your work, to be paid highly for what you do, to be given random gifts by strangers, to accept and see opportunities for expansion, and so on, you will find it hard to become wealthy. If you feel that you do not deserve these things, well, you will not get them. Likewise, if you find yourself unwilling - resisting - to part with your money when you pay for things that you want, or you find it hard to give some value to someone (say, helping them with something), and so on, you will find it hard to become wealthy.

Therefore, your ultimate goal is to expand your internal capacity to give and receive. Most people actually find it easier to give than to receive and so for many people receiving will be the side they would work on more.

Now, let us get into how you can expand these internal capacities. First, know that it is an internal job. You are simply going to make it OK for you internally to give more and receive more. In other words, you will simply start feeling better about giving and receiving anything. Feeling better. That is all. It means you feel less and less resistance to giving and receiving anything (compliments, gifts, money, work, etc). It means you move towards eliminating shame and guilt when it comes to giving and receiving of anything. It means moving towards feeling joy (the emotion of expansion) in any transaction, any give and take.

Therefore, the first step is to know how you currently feel, to become aware of where you are right now, and face it truthfully with compassion and openness. Do not judge yourself for anything. How do you become more aware? You do so by observing yourself this Christmas whenever you are buying a gift, giving it, or receiving one. How do you honestly feel? Do not run away from any feeling - welcome them all, whatever arises. This will show you where you stand when it comes to giving and receiving. Most importantly, take notes. Just jot down your observations. Having it all on paper is infinitely more powerful than "thinking about it".

By the time Christmas is done, you should have a nice little notebook full of all your feelings towards giving and receiving. This notebook will show you exactly where you have difficulties allowing wealth to come your way. This is why: Your results in life are determined by what you think and feel. You never act in ways that you have not thought about or felt about. Your thoughts and feelings prompt whatever actions you take or don't take. In fact, they go as far as determining what opportunities you see or don't see, believe or don't believe. The only problem is that a lot of us are not aware of what our feelings are because we try not to feel them! And so in that resistance, that avoiding to feel, we make ourselves unable to consciously know what we feel. What is pushed out of conscious awareness through resistance becomes unconscious. Yet it still affects us and our reality. The smart thing to do would be to make it conscious again so that you can deal with it. So this Christmas =======================================================
David Cameron is the author of wealth and self
development books such as A Happy Pocket Full of Money,
showing many how to create the lives of their dreams
and beyond. Download free trial ebooks and software,
plus free email courses from

christmas bar

Ok, did you really read the article first?! Just kidding......I just wanted to say thanks for being a part of Magnetic News. I rounded up some gifts for you. You can find them here:

Download these soon because I'm taking the page down on January 2nd, 2006.

Let's all attract a healthy, happy, and prosperous year!

Take care,

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