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The Power of Thoughts


Thoughts are the second strongest power in our life next to the spirit. Our
predominant thoughts influence our behavior and attitude and control our actions
and reactions. As our thoughts are so are our lives.

This means that it is very important to be careful of the thoughts that we
entertain. Thoughts are like a videocassette that we play in the VCR of our
minds. What we play is what we see. What we think is what we live.

To make changes it is necessary to eject the videocassette, and insert a new one
that we like better. Then, after a while, our life will start reflecting our thoughts.
One single thought is not strong enough to cause a change, but if the same
thought is repeated often, then each time we think it gains strength. Ultimately
the subconscious mind accepts it and acts on it. The great thing about this
process is that we don't need to strain or overexert ourselves. Everything
changes in a most natural way.

Suppose you are shy in the company of people, and you want to get over it. If
you force yourself to talk when in company, you might find it difficult. You might
feel timid and awkward. You might find it hard to force yourself to talk, and if you
do, you start to stammer. You might find it hard to get the attention of the people
you want to talk to.

You don't have to force yourself to talk when you daydream. It is quite easy then,
as it is only in the mind. Practical daydreaming is actually using the power of
thought. You can visualize being in the company of other people and conversing
with them calmly and with ease. You can imagine how the words just flow from
your mouth, and how everyone is paying complete attention to what you say.

It is quite possible to build in the mind a perfect scene of whatever you want to
accomplish. You can put a lot of detail, color, sound, scent and life into these
mental scenes. If you repeat them often with faith and attention, the
subconscious mind accepts them as real experiences. It does not differentiate
between real and imaginary experiences, and accepts them both as real.

An experience repeated often turns into a habit. A habit is an automatic activity
that we perform naturally, without thinking. What does this mean to us? Taking
the above example of a shy person, with constant positive visualization that
person begins to feel at ease when in company. The continuous visualization has
developed the habit of feeling comfortable with other people, and of being able to
converse fluently.

There is no need for this person to strain, sweat and feel inconvenient. It is as if
new software has been installed in his mind. He has developed a new ability
without any inner fight. Well, it does not happen overnight. It needs time, and
depends on how sincere he is, and how much time and concentration he puts
into this action.

This process can be used for changing, improving or gaining any kind of habit,
ability or expertise. The only effort is mental effort.

This technique is good not only for improving and changing attitudes and habits.
It is good for gaining money and possession, promotion, improving relationships
and traveling.

You have to choose what you want to get, and think about it often during the day
or at several specific times during the day. These repeated thoughts gain
strength and spur you to take action to realize them.

Other people may perceive your thoughts and unconsciously fulfill your desire.
Constant thinking about the same subject causes you to be more acutely aware
of opportunities, and when you see them, you find out that you have the energy
and ambition to make use of them.

Pay attention to your thoughts. They are powerful. Learn to accept only the
thoughts you choose.


Article written by Remez Sasson
Success Consciousness – Attaining Spiritual and Material Success.
Articles and guidance about attaining spiritual and material success, peace of
mind, concentration, will power, meditation, spirituality, spiritual awakening,
nonduality, mind power, creative visualization, positive thinking and other related

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