Use the Law of Attraction to Make Your Miracle

Have you seen any miracles lately? Or maybe experienced one or two of your own? Do you even believe in miracles these days? Regardless of how you define one, when you start looking for miracles, you’ll find life is filled with them. Even better, when you understand the nature of miracles and how they come about, you can create your own at will.

Miracle-making is a highly underrated activity, as many assume it’s left in the hands of a higher power and not within our personal purview to create magic. Although there are books on the subject and plenty of folks practicing it already, most of us weren’t taught to believe we can create whatever we want.

In fact, we’re usually taught the opposite: that it takes hard work and perseverance to get by. Anyone believing in wishes, fairy tale endings, or spending time daydreaming is admonished to be realistic and not get their hopes up. We’re trained to deny our wants and desires to avoid disappointment in a harsh and unfair life.

Nothing could be further from the truth, it turns out. We can create miracles. We can create whatever we want in our lives. All it takes is believing it and daring to want whatever we want.

What Makes a Miracle?
What would constitute a miracle in your life? Some of us use the term loosely, but that doesn’t deny the wonder and marvel we feel when the swim suit looks as good on us as it did in the catalogue, or we discover the job of our dreams we didn’t know existed, or the vet tells us there’s an effective affordable treatment for our ailing dog.

I suspect it’s partly because we’re so used to bad news that when things do go our way, it feels extraordinary or magical. The more we think something is unlikely or impossible to happen, the more miraculous it feels when it does.

Webster defines a miracle as an “extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.” On his ABC Radio National show “Encounter,” David Rutledge questioned whether miracles really even occur, since all miracles could be “explained rationally if our rational apprehension was up to the task.” He paraphrased St. Augustine in saying when something extraordinary can be explained rationally, it’s no longer miraculous.

Indeed. It sounded miraculous to me when researchers recently announced they successfully made a copper cylinder appear to disappear. But after reading their explanation of how metamaterials guide electromagnetic waves around a central region so objects within the region don’t disturb electromagnetic fields, thus creating invisibility, it seemed perfectly logical to make something disappear. What took so long to create that? After all, it’s just metamaterials guiding electromagnetic waves around the object. What’s next, walking on water?

But just because something can be explained logically doesn’t make it any less miraculous. In fact, if anything, it brings us closer to believing in and allowing miracles into our daily lives. Why wait for the logical explanation before we believe in it? Let’s embrace the miracles awaiting us now.

This brings up two important points regarding miracles and our ability to manifest them.
When we’re consciously aware of and grateful for the miracles present in life, we invite more in (because like attracts like and we get what we focus on). Second, when we believe miracles exist and that they can happen to us, we’re aligned to experience them.

Our Personal Miracles
What miracles do you take for granted? They are present everywhere, in each of our lives. As you begin to see them, you allow more to manifest. What miracle would you like to see happen next?

A woman who has always struggled in relationship feels like she’s been gifted by the gods when Mr. Right appears. Someone who’s fighting the weight battle feels like a superhero when he drops 20 pounds and keeps them off through the holidays. One of my favorite personal miracles was quitting my corporate job after five years of talking about it, throughout which I dreaded every work day and feared financial ruin to give up a steady paycheck. People around me, and myself for that matter, were incredulous when I actually did it. It felt like a miracle that I found the courage to create change.

Morris Goodman, dubbed the “Miracle Man,” broke nearly every bone in his body (including his skull and spinal cord) when he crashed his plane. Although he wasn’t expected to live, Morris not only survived, but recovered from a coma and proved doctors wrong after they said he would never walk, speak or function normally again. Today he’s one of the most inspiring motivational speakers on circuit.

Morris’ wife, Cathy, created her own miracle by reversing a breast cancer diagnosis simply by using laugh therapy. We often hear stories of people who use the power of their mind to eliminate tumors or survive severely terminal cancer diagnoses.

Regardless of what makes a miracle for someone else, what would yours be? What would amaze and astonish you, and make you believe that not only do marvelous things happen, but that they happen to you?

Once you get a handle on what you’d love to see happen in your life, you’ve taken the first step to experience it.

Miracle Making 101
It might even be a miracle that today we can openly discuss creating them, since in the past this sort of “blasphemy” could have earned a spot at the burned stake. In fact, there are many contributors spreading the word about deliberate creation today.

Todd Michaels’ “Twelve Conditions of a Miracle,” Michael Rann’s “Shortcut to a Miracle,” “The Secret” movie, “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks, even the mysterious Emerald Tablet by Hermes – the list is long of those encouraging us to embrace our powers to create miracles. Larry King even got in on the action last month when he interviewed various authorities on creating reality with your thoughts.

Are you ready to order up a miracle this holiday season? Here’s how to get started:

1) Believe it’s possible. It’s a challenge to create something you don’t believe in, so the first step is to embrace your ability to manifest what you want. Even if you can’t completely buy into the thought that you can create whatever your heart desires, start by entertaining it as a possibility. The more you consider the thought, the more successful results you’ll experience – and the easier it becomes to believe.

2) Choose what you want. Get clear about what you’d like to see happen in your life, whether it’s something you’d like to do, be or have. The sky is no limit and you get what you ask for, so make it good!

Start small if that feels more comfortable. Enjoy manifesting rock star parking spots during holiday shopping traffic and truly delightful company parties. Once you gain confidence in your miracle-making capabilities, you can work your way up to the more exciting stuff.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you choose, and forget whatever you’ve heard or believed in the past about what is or isn’t possible. We live in a realm of infinite possibilities.

3) Feel it now. Your miracle-making capacity lies within (in your thoughts and feelings), so you won’t need magic wands, hats or potions – although they might add to the fun. All you need is the discipline to direct your thoughts and feelings in the direction of the miracle you’re conjuring up. Focus on what you want, instead of the absence of it.

Set an intention that you will allow this miracle to unfold in your life, and enjoy the feelings that thought brings up. Imagine what it feels like to experience this event or thing now. So much of your energy has been unconsciously directed toward “not wanting” the things you deeply want in life that this step may feel like a breath of fresh air for your true self.

4) Do what feels good. Many of us have lives filled with things that don’t feel good, so this final step could entail dramatic change. It may mean new jobs, new relationships, new lifestyles. The way you feel dictates what you attract, so as you make feeling good a higher priority, you’ll find life naturally gets better. Feeling good is a fun practice that allows you to naturally and effortlessly create miracles on purpose.

Remember that everyone’s “feel good” is different, so don’t look to anyone else for what should feel good to you. Trust your inner guidance and follow it.

With this process you become much more deliberate about what you create in your life. You believe in your ability to get what you want; focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want; feel what it feels like to have it; and purposely do what feels good – raising your vibration and increasing your power to create the life of your dreams.

So have fun flexing your miracle muscles as you wrap up 2006, and set your sights high for the New Year. It is our destiny to continually expand what we believe possible for ourselves and our world. Now that we’ve got invisible figured out, we can move on to reversing aging and disease; an abundance of time and money; and loving our “enemies.” There are no limits when we free ourselves from the boundaries of what we thought possible!

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The Law of Attraction Can Be Demonstrated – It is Science and it Works For Us Always!

Try to imagine the worlds largest and most powerful electro magnet! A magnet so big and so powerful that if connected to the worlds largest crane, it could lift a thousand foot ship right up out of the water and gentle place it in dry dock. WOW! That is one powerful magnet.

Now, imagine yourself with all of your desires, able to harness the power of this magnet. And just imagine that this magnet attracts everything you want in life, directly into your possession. How wonderful would that be?

What if the house of your dreams, the cars, boats, toys, vacations, careers or companies and especially if being free and truly happy were all within your reach? How would you feel?

Does absolutely joyful or maybe even in a “state of bliss” come to mind?

Well, every individual on earth has within him or herself easy access to their own personal and private magnet or power as described above. It is in your ability to focus your thoughts, to tap into universal intelligence and make use of the “UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION”. This is the strongest force in the universe and every one of us has within, the ability to do this, to do it with very little effort, and to only attract the things we truly desire. The secret is in using a specific formula.

Anyone with the ability to think can and does create reality; they create their own personal reality daily. We all already do this everyday and the beauty is that we can make our reality exactly what you want it to be. It does not matter if you believe this or not, it is still true. It is a “UNIVERSAL LAW” that we cannot escape from. In fact, you and I have already proven this law to be true. We have proven it to be unfailing in our lives over and over again. You see; what we think we are today is just the sum total of all our experiences, thoughts and especially our feelings. It is the feelings or emotions that we attach to every experience and thought that is the real fuel behind what we create and bring into our outward reality. You could say, we attract not so much what we think about but what we feel about, what we are emotional about.

We, no matter who we are, live in two worlds. We have our inner (sub conscious) and outer (conscious) world. Our inner world is where we dream, where we visualize and see things before they happen, it is where we create. Based on our programming, this becomes our automatic thinking and it controls 96 + % of our perceptions, actions and behavior. The important issue here is that are old programming could have been full of un-truths and just plain wrong information from parents, teachers, peers and our own conscious thoughts and feelings about our experiences and false sensory information from our five senses. The fact is; our subconscious mind accepts as absolute truth any information given it by our conscious mind as long as the conscious mind believes it. While this explains a lot of the poor programming, it is also the very reason that reprogramming is possible.

The other world we live in is the outward appearing world we call reality. Here is the kicker; the inner world, our beliefs, our thoughts, and especially the feelings we entertain create our outer world. That’s right, we create our outer world. Good thoughts or bad thoughts and all the varying degrees between the extremes are how we individually create our uniquely different perceptions of reality. Have you heard the expression or statement that “we make our own heaven or hell right here on earth?” Well we do, and we do it every minute of every hour of every day with all the thoughts we entertain and all the feelings we choose to have about those thoughts and all the experiences that we have attracted due to our earlier thoughts and feelings. Sound like a vicious cycle? Well if your thoughts, and I mean most of them, conscious and sub-conscious are positive then the cycle is not vicious, it is beautiful and very welcome.

You see the LAW OF ATTRACTION is used every time we think a thought. Every thought, good or bad is a creation and has power. Thoughts coupled with strong emotions are more powerful thoughts than thoughts with little emotion attached. When I say more powerful, we mean more of an attraction factor; more of a magnetic pull goes out to the universe with them. No, sorry but our thoughts don’t just stay in our heads. Think a thought, any thought, good or bad and it goes out to the universe. If the thought carries real emotion, it is going to create something like itself.

Want to bring about major changes in your life? Want to increase the power or attractive force of your inner magnet? Follow this formula:

1. Learn to meditate and quite your mind. In fact, in time and with proper instruction, you will find that you can actually stop all thought. This gives you clarity, energy and an incredible ability to focus and see reality as it truly is.

2. At the same time, become the right person by reprogramming how and what you think. We call this “MAP Reprogramming” or mental and psychic reprogramming. This is actually based on mystical and ancient teachings from Egypt and Tibet and is so extremely powerful.

3. Create and consistently use tools that help you focus only on the things you truly desire. Create specific affirmations, pictures, vision boards, and recordings from your power and desire lists.

4. Now add the oh-so powerful fuel of “passion” to your desiring and take massive action on the genius ideas that will seem to come out of nowhere.

5. Expect and allow the universe to deliver. It is your divine right to be happy! So do not (through thought) limit yourself from having it all. Only think of the things you truly desire! Take ACTION and be HAPPY, you are a powerful magnet!

Mitchell Yow – President of Diamond Mind Coaching

[email protected]

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Michael is hosting a 4-Day Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Training Program in Victoria, BC Canada on Nov. 13-16, 2008.
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You Have the Freedom to Choose With the Law of Attraction

No matter what circumstances are in your life you are always free to choose a better thought and feeling. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do or don’t do in life… you always have freedom. Realize that you are the only person who can do this for you. When you realize that you have the power to be free, freedom will follow; freedom from stress, freedom from lack, freedom from illness, you are the one that can change this. Each and every thing you do in your life is by choice and you are always free to choose again. Don’t like how something is going? You have the freedom of choice to change it within yourself. You are free to choose peace and ease in any kind of circumstance.

One of our students e-mailed us this last week about one of her successes with the Law of Attraction and it was all about choosing her reactions and having trust in the Universe.

This student was approaching rent day and didn’t know where it was coming from, and her husband had been ill and not able to work, a temporary condition but nevertheless causing a financial strain in their lives. Family had helped as much as they could and now she knew it was up to her and her choices. Not being able to work because of the constant care of her husband and family, she put it out to the Universe. “I want the rent. I want to feel safe and secure in my home. I love this house.”

She went through her home acknowledging every wonderful thing about it and then she did what can be the moment where it becomes choice. She let it go to the Universe and trusted. Each time it came in her head she thought of the joy of her house and the rent being paid and thanked the Universe knowing full well it would be paid…or something better. She said she had moments of sheer sweating on the 29th of the month knowing that the rent was due on the 1st but she again let it go and trusted. She said she took action on any leads financially that would help but nothing came through. On the 30th of the month she awoke in tears; she cried and cried. Even though she knew it was all good, she had a release of emotion and thanked the Universe for answers.

She went into town to pick up the mail and buy some more bandages for her husband’s wounds. The mail was running late so she decided to do all her errands first. When she got to the mailbox there was a $600 check that was a payment from a company and she had no idea who they were. She was excited about seeing the check but disappointed knowing that this check had to go back. Then she read the paperwork attached. It came from a savings bond that her dad has gotten when she was a baby, (Dad has passed on) and it had matured. The rent was $825 but at least she was $600 closer.

She made the choice to be excited and trust the Universe for the rest and thanked the Universe. She was free to choose her reaction.

When she got home her husband yelled to her from his chair that a client he had given up on for payment dropped a $225 check by. Rent paid!! She was so excited that she said she will never doubt her belief in the Universe. A side note to this story is: her husband needed bandage supplies (lots of them) and they can be very expensive. She and her husband that night gave it over to the Universe to bring them a never ending supply of bandages. The next morning a friend who she had not talked to in months e-mailed and wondered how things were. Our student told her what had happened with the rent and about needing the bandage supplies. Her friend said, “Really? Peter (her recently deceased husband) needed gauze and abdominal pads for over a year after his surgery. I have boxes of them left over. I’ll bring them over if you want them.”

Trust in your end result and in the Universe and remember that you can freely choose your thoughts and feelings. No matter what the circumstance you can choose your thoughts and feelings as to what will happen. Focus on what you want and choose to let go and let the Universe take care of the how.

Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Please visit:

Law of Attraction – Words Not to Use

It has been some time since I first heard the term
“Transformational Vocabulary” uttered by Tony Robins at one
of his seminars. Since then, I have tried to use it on a
weekly if not daily basis. What I found out was that we
really need to watch the words that we use in our everyday
conversations. The good news is that for every “Don’t use
word” there is an excellent replacement word or phrase. I am
going to show you some of the words not to use followed by
words or phrases that will work better. I will also show you
how to find replacements for other words.

The first word that is probably the most detrimental to
everyone is the word “try”. It’s insidious because it gives
us the illusion that something is going to happen when in
reality it never will. As Yoda of Star Wars famed so
eloquently said “There is no try, there is only do”. How
would you like to state your intentions to the “Universe”
and have the Universe respond back with “yea I’ll try to
manifest that for you”. Have you ever just tried to turn on
a light switch or do you just do it. If we just try to be on
time we are more than likely going to be late. It’s so
insidious because it always leaves you an out.

Another word that is just as bad is “maybe”. Like the word
try, it just suggests that you are not committed and it
always leaves you an out. We use on children all the time so
we don’t have to explain ourselves to them to get them to
quit bothering us.

A good replacement for try is the word “will”. I will be
there by 8pm. The word will removes all ambiguity out of the

I have found the best resource to find better word choices
is a Thesaurus. I have several of them and have a small one
in my brief case.

So watch the words you use and I’m sure it will help you
with using the Law of Attraction. The “Universe” doesn’t
respond to ambiguity. It responds to specifics.

Hope this helps

Donald Allen

For more info and a free ebook on the Law of Attraction
click here.

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