Law of attraction – most professional mind movie yet

The above address is my new internet business inspired by my mind movie. Its related on dating(go figure!)

A lot of you have asked me how this mind movie has changed my life.So I thought that I might add a couple of notes on how this has.

Im not going to tell you than within days of making my mind movie that I manifested everything magically and all my dreams have come true.

I will tell you what my journey has been so far.

The first thing that this mind movie did for me was to give me a chance to sit down and really think about what I wanted out of life. To sit down and actually write down my goals, dreams and aspirations.

This is something that I had always thought about getting around to .. but never actually had.

So here are a couple of things that I manifested so far.

When I first saw the mind movie package, I really wanted it badly .. but I didn’t have a credit card at the time to get it and blah blah.

Neways so I kept raving on about how cool it was and then for my birthday which was like 2 weeks after I came across mind movies I found that my brother had bought it for me as a present.

I was soooo excited!!! I spent the next 4 days creating my mind movie. I was seriously obsessed with getting it done and completed and wanted to make it perfect.

Neways after those 4 days and 255 slides later my mind movie was completed. In that four days I think I probably would have watched my mind movie at least 300 times while I was editing it.

Even just after that time, I already had more belief that I could achieve a lot of the goals that I had put in there.

Now a lot of people have asked me if I had attracted the right partner into my life. Well the answer is no not yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that he will be amazing. This movie helped me clarify what I really want in a relationship and helped me believe that I could get it. It allows me to relax being single and not so desperately look for someone .. because I know that when the time is right, ill attract someone amazing into my life.

Apart from that many other things have happened. I said in one of the slides that I wanted to build a solid international business. I had no idea what that would be. Two weeks after making the mind movie I have come across internet marketing and am currently building a business around that.
When I thought about it later I realized that the internet really is an international marketplace .. and I was like.. man this stuff is KOOL!!

That business has opened my eyes to so many things. Recently I just finished a seminar where I was able to speak in front of 200 people and inspire them to move forward in their businesses. Not only that I was elected as leader of the whole crew and I was able to lead and inspire a whole group of wonderful people.

I found myself working in a team that were my deepest inspiration, greatest support and dearest friends. Just like I said in the mind movie.

Not only that, but I seem to be attracting like minded people on a massive scale and really do find myself with people who want to add value, to help me and to mentor me.

In terms of money. When I made this video I was earning pretty much nothing. lol. Now I have multiple streams of income, some from a new job, some from investments I have gotten into and some from my internet business. I have no doubt that this will be expanding rapidly in the very near future.

Lately I have heard that Oprah is taking in candidates who have made mind movies and who have manifested the most in their life from it. I don’t know but that whole idea sounds pretty awesome and im going to apply for the competition. I also found out that a new friend of mine knows Ryan the mind movie creator very well so maybe I will even get to chat to him.

I could go on and on about the things that I have manifested in my life. Now that’s not to say at times I that I didn’t doubt that this stuffed worked. In fact there was a period where I wasn’t watching my mind movie at all. I do my best these days to watch it as often as I can.

Its so awesome though because even just when I hear the song “its a wonderful life” on the radio or whatever, I get flashed of my mind movie in my head. Its anchored in so much.

If any of you guys want some advice .. it would be this.

1)Write down your goals and know what they are

2)TAKE ACTION on inspired thought

3)Be Fearless when you get scared and know that there is nothing to fear but fear itself

4)Believe that no matter now big or small your dreams are, they are YOURS and you should go after them

Luv ya guys .. here is the link to mind movies

The Secret Law of Attraction – Create Your Future NOW

The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction – Michael Losier (Responsibility)

Are you Responsible for what you are attracting? Hear Michael’s reframe on the word Responsibility.

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Michael Losier is the author of the bestselling book “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t”.
Michael has been teaching Law of Attraction since 1996 and has been called the “how-to-guy” of Law of Attraction. He incorporates NLP and Accelerated Learning Techniques into his teaching methods so students learn fast and can apply it to their lives right away.
Michael is hosting a 4-Day Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Training Program in Victoria, BC Canada on Nov. 13-16, 2008.
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Michael is hosting a 4-Day Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Training Program in Victoria, BC Canada on Nov. 13-16, 2008.
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Law of Attraction, Music


Please check out my website where you can
directly purchase downloads (or CD’s) of this song and others. If you enjoyed this song, you will likely enjoy “Dream”, “Annie Ride”, “This Place”, “My Insanity”, “Remember”, “Forgiven” and “Breathe”. Denver Roofing . faith . More new songs are on the way. You may also purchase at my music iTunes and by power searching Kathy Nelson.

All Is Given was inspired by a dream I had many years ago about the Universal Law of Attraction and greatly clarified later by the teaching of “Abraham” as channeled by Esther Hicks.

I wrote, performed and co-produced this song and made the imovie. It is my intent to write music that is uplifting, inspiring, soothing and nurturing to the spirit and attract those who resonate with the message. May your life be blessed in all ways!

Love and light!

Kathy Nelson

To learn more about the Law of Attraction visit:

MONEY AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Aligning With Your Veritable Fortune – Abraham-Hicks

Excerpted from the DVD “Money And The Law of Attraction” – a companion to the new book of the same name. Available in a store near you, or directly from Abraham-Hicks. Abraham is the name given to an aspect of Source Energy which is translated by Esther Hicks and facilitated by Jerry Hicks. For more information please see our website.

Lose weight with the Law of Attraction

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Does the law of attraction work to lose weight too?
How can you use the law of attraction to attract your perfect weight. I have created a group of discussion and experiment around this idea:

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The Secret – The Secret Law of Attraction + 7 Free Lessons!

‘The Secret’ visualisation, enjoy, and let the Law of Attraction get to work.

A music video for manifesting your dream life.

A vision statement of stunning imagination.

The Secret movie DVD features Lee Brower, Marie Diamond, Bob Doyle, Cathy Goodman, John Gray, Bill Harris, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, David Schirmer, Marci Shimoff, Denis Waitley, Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf, Dr. landyachtz longboard . bones . Reverend Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, John Demartini, Mike Dooley, Hale Dwoskin, Morris E. Goodman, John Hagelin, Esther Hicks, Ben Johnson, Lisa Nichols, James Arthur Ray, Joe Vitale, Fred Alan Wolf.

Get 7 Free Lessons from The Teachers featured in “The Secret” with The SGR Program

Law of Attraction: Do you Attract or Create?

Law of Attraction is somewhat misleading what happens is you create from inside. You think a thought and the thoughts is simultaneously the objective reality as well. The idea and the object are one and the same within the Divine Mind. Only the human mind separates them.

Secret Law of Attraction

Dr. Michael J. Duckett teaches the most powerful yet simple way to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. You are going to be amazed at how simple this system really is.

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