INTERVIEW: Law of Attraction changed my life

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The Key to the Law of Attraction

We all know that consistency is crucial to success-  - not giving up and keeping a consistent level of effort towards your goals no matter what, staying comitted, and trying again through failure are all vital to the attainment of success. This is just the same if you want success with the law of attraction.

Here we will analyse the key to the law of attraction, how and why most people neglect it, and how you can gain the advantage and gain success sooner and in greater abundance with the law of attraction.

How Come Some People Fail?

The number one reason people give up isdue to a lack of belief - they begin skeptically, and when they don't see results they just quit. One of the secrets to the law of attraction is therefore overriding any lack of belief you may have and staying positive about the benefits and possibilities of the law of attraction.

There are a number of ways to do this, and again CONSISTENCY plays a big part – if you stay focused and don’t give up no matter what then sooner or later you will experience some benefits, and even just these small changes will be enough to encourage you. It will strengthen your belief, which will lead to further and bigger successes, and so on – a very positive spiral to get into

You should generally do everything you can and try different approaches to the law of attraction in order to stay committed – you should visualize, say your affirmations, make actual plans, and take physical action towards your dreams. The more of these you do then the more success you will have and the sooner it will come.

There is however, one other component which 99% of the population neglect and that is the stimulation of the subconscious mind, and its alignment to your attraction goals.

Subconscious Alignment

Most people give some conscious thought, or use physical action in trying to use the law of attraction – this can be successful, but it is like using only 2 of 3 elements, furthermore this final element if completely neglected can really limit results and even destroy any chance of success. This final element is the Subconscious mind - the real key to the law of attraction.

You may have limiting beliefs, or a lack of belief deep down in The Secret. If so then this will limit your success.

Even on a smaller level you may have negative thoughts and ways of thinking which are holding you back from really getting the manifestations you want with the Law of Attraction.

At Real Subliminal we offer a method of aligning your subconscious mind to your conscious goals and physical actions. This means you will have 3 out of the 3 components required for success with the law of attraction - you will see results sooner, and you will see more of them.

Our method of doing this is through subliminal messages – these messages go straight to your unconscious mind specifically to eliminate any negative or limiting beliefs you have, and then to align your mind for success with the Law of Attraction. If this sounds interesting then you can see more information on our Law of Attraction cd here and get started on your manifestion journey with the law of attraction.

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How to Use The Law of Attraction CD Effortlessly

The Law of Attraction is the current internet buzz word â? everyone wants to use the law of attraction in their personal development, and Real Subliminal have brought out a new law of attraction cd album to help align the unconscious mind to achieve success too.

This article introduces their new CD and explains how it works, and how it doesn't.

First of all here is a recent review from someone who has had experience with the album:

Your album is helping me – I have been working with the Secret for over one and a half years now. In the four weeks I have been using yourrecording little things are now coming into my life that just did not seem to happen before. Link Exchange . I will continue to work with it for real!

Janet, Arizona, USA

This experience is quite common at first you might not notice anything but soon little things build up and grow into your reality. With regular use of the CD you will see more and more changes and results.

How it Works

It is designed to target the the subconscious mind â? the area people often neglect when following the laws of attraction.

Many people use conscious thoughts in their law of attraction efforts, even use physical action - perhaps making a new space in the driveway to accomodate that new car they really want… but ultimately they neglect their subconscious mind and then they wonder why they are not getting the result they want.

You are not aware of what is happening in your subconscious mind but it still holds you back. For example limiting beliefs about your success or a slight disbelief in the law of attraction itself will hold you back and stop you from realizing you r wishes with the law of attraction.

The album basically takes care of the subconscious alignment and destroys these limiting beliefs you have to replace them with positive beliefs and increase the chance of physical manifestation.

How it Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t work instantly, and it is not magic!

If you only use subliminal messages and don't consider other tools. If you don't use multiple strategies and make a total focus towards your goals then you will only have limited success with the LOA.

If you are interested to try â??subliminal attractionâ? then view the law of attraction cd today.


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