The Hidden Powers of Your Imagination – Unlock Them and Attract Whatever You desire!

Utilize your imagination to activate your manifesting genius. Your Imagination is an optimal source that acts as a magnet to your desires. Spend your spare time to uncover interesting facts about your mind and how it relates to the “Laws of Mind.This is a far more powerful law than the misunderstood “Law of Attraction,” but on steriods!!

Whatever you hold in your mind as true or real can be materialized. It is also a form of energy. If you want things to materialize and make real, you must first think of it, then bring it forth into your imagination and hold it there with firm trust that the universe will provide you with the perfect insight and tools to attract it into your reality. Be open to trusting the Universe as optimal intelligence with infinite power. And you are infinitely tied to that source!

Everything materialized was first in thought form. It all started with the mind. The limitless force of the mind is of the most overlooked topics in the history of manifesting. Only an elite few has figured this out and literally have the art of manifesting down to a complete science. Jesus is one of them! But you dont have to be Jesus to materialize things ingeniusly. Jesus intended to make everyone aware of this back in his time. The truth remains a common illusion because most can’t see themselves attaining that much power!

Pieces of your dreams and desire appear in places where you are meant to see them. This is called sychronicity!  You are a true Manifesting being, an intelligent being of Love and light!

Grow and Nurture your Mind to transcend beyond Normal physical boundaries and Manifest like a Mentalist. It is within your reach! Heighten your Awareness of Manifesting Techniques and Shockingly Powerful Insight to Attract all that you Wish by being open to the Flow of your Intuition

Trust the Magnetic Force of Your Super Conscious!

Learning how the Mind Attracts is the single Most important favor you can do yourself if you intend on manifesting the Ultimate Life. The human mind has multiple components; Two are physical, the conscious and subconscious; One is spiritual, the Super conscious. The response of your subconscious and super conscious minds is directly connected to the most held beliefs in your conscious mind. The three minds collectively are known as the Triune mind because it operates as a single unit. Since your mind is your Most Powerful, most valuable, easily controllable asset in life, you should learn the fundamentals of it’s operation.

*Your life is designed in advance with your mind whether by default or deliberately. Since you can easily control your mind, you can just as easily design your future.

The Spiritual component of the Mind which has the Power to create according to your conscious thinking mind. It is responsible for unique intuitive insight-“strange” and “miraculous” occurrences that happen in our lives which most who has a lack specialized knowledge in this are attribute to Chance or Luck.

The Stronger and Longer a belief is held within the conscious mind, the more intensely the Super Conscious Mind is induced into ACTION!

Meditation is a sure-fire way to accelerate your manifestations and access your super conscious. Meditation can be used for many purposes. One basic form of meditation is holding your mind between thought while focusing on your breathe. The broader the gap you between your thoughts, the more space you give yourself for manifestation.

Space is the most important factor, as the universe is 99.9% space. I find that truly astonishing.

You want to suspend time and become one with the space between thought. This becomes rapidly easier with patience and perseverance.


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Why the Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

Many people around the world are caught up in practicing a so called universal law and principle that is not only incorrect, it can actually lead people into failing to create their dreams.

 I am here to tell you that the law of attraction is not real, and that the teachers of this , while good intentioned, have gotten it all backwards!

 Here is how it really works:

We do not “attract” or create anything. Period. As Quantum Physics has begun to prove, time and space are not linear as we once believed, but rather more of a circle, all of it happening at the same time.

And we as human beings have the abilty to see into that time stream and see past, future or present, it matters not- all of it is in essence “happening” at the same time.

Remote viewers know this to be true, and I have indeed experienced it myself. All past “prophecies” were simply someone with strong sense of the higher faculty looking forward into time and reporting back what they have seen.

All of us do this-and here is where the confusion arises around the law of attraction. It is a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

If we call our pre-sentience the chicken, and the law of attraction the egg, then the chicken most definitely comes first.

We all have pre-cognitive ability, and whether you call this the 6th sense, the 5th element, or tapping into higher conciousness, we all have it and we all do it. Let me give you an example.

The law of attraction says that because you decided you wanted a new red sports car and focused on that with emotion, felt it, imagined it, you “attracted “to yourself the circumstances neccesary to obtain the car, in essence, “attracted “the car into your life.

Here is how it really works:

Your “higher self”  or pre-cognitive sense looked ahead into the future and saw that you were driving a new red sports car, and saw the circumstances that would happen in order for you to get it. So-it begins to give you promptings and images in your mind of this red sports car, and you start to desire it. Now you take the actions described above and think therefore that you have “atttracted” this car into your life, when in reality you saw it coming and took the actions you were guided to take to prepare for it, guided by your higher , or pre-cognitive self.

The same is true when you think of someone and the phone rings and it is them calling you. You did not “attract” them to call you by thinking about them, you thought about them because they were already going to call you and you saw it coming!

You can see perhaps that if people start trying to practice the law of attraction, making dream charts and visualizing all sorts of things they think they want, that unless they are really being guided by their higher self, intuition, whatever you want to call it- they will fail to obtain them. 

That is why often people DO obtain things they place on their dream charts, but not ALL things, becasue somewhere in there when they are making it they are following guidance of their higher self in what to place upon the board.

No one will be 100% right in interpreting and being guided by their higher self at all times, but as you practice listening and trusting and following the prompts, you will find your life will begin to take on a much smoother and easier flow, because you are moving with the flow of the river of time and as a curve comes up ahead, your higher self will see it coming and direct you to take appropriate action.

I am making it my mission to debunk the so called “law of attraction” and empower people to access their own true power inside, and know that they do not need to try and “attract” anything, and that it is not possible anyway- all that you need to do is listen, follow the promts , take the appropriate action towards aquiring what you begin to desire ,and trust that what is yours is coming to you.

Vincent j Kellsey is a speaker and trainer who leads both the QSG Firewalk Experience and The ADVENTURELiving Your Passion, Power and Purpose!   Watch for his new book coming out in fall 2009.

He can be reached at [email protected]  and  for speaking engagements, firewallk seminars and breakthrough events.

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