The Free Law of Attraction Guide

Here are 10 easy free law of attraction tips brought to your by Real Subliminal.

  1. Write down your list. Make a solid list of your wants and goals. Write down the items you wish to manifest. This will make sure you stay focused… which leads me to..
  2. Keep focused. Concentrate on just a couple of things at any one time. Bible Commentary . A smaller focus is better than spreading your goals out into health, family, friends, money, business etc. Focus on just a couple of things and see faster results
  3. Use a free law of attraction diary. Either online, or a traditional journal. Write down the activities you do and see how they correspond you your attraction results to identify the beneficial efforts.
  4. Make your goals public. Tell your friends and family what you want bring into your life. This makes you more accountable to really go for it and make it happen.
  5. Stay positive. Many beginners start with positivity but after not seeing results they get depressed and this soon leads to them giving up. Often this is when changes are just below the surface
  6. Stay Persistence. Everyone is different, you may need to persevere longer than others to get the benefit. Using the law of attraction, like any other area of life requires persistence.
  7. Make sure you are taking physical action. Do not just think about things, get out there and take real action. Your physical action when used towards your attraction goals will maginfy the results and speed up the whole process.
  8. Use visualization techniques. More than just thinking about it if you can visualize yourself in your new life, with your new wife, in your new car etc then this will be much more powerful
  9. Use positive affirmations. Repeat affirmations to yourself daily. This may sound too good to be true but affirmations really are a simple way you can program your mind and change your beliefs.
  10. Use a law of attraction mp3. These can be played to align your thoughts to your manifestation goals. They will make sure your wants are always in your mind and give you an advantage, a boost, and the ultimate chance of success.

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Don’t Let Anxiety Thoughts Create More Anxiety

Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Expert, writes… …

The other day, I caught myself trying to micromanage the Universe, again. I woke up with some low level anxiety the other day as I mentally surveyed my ‘to do’ list.

Have you ever caught yourself doing that? You could simply be unaware that you ever try to micromanage the Universe. Anytime you stress about the details of your life, anytime you worry about what, who, how, when or if a particular thing is going to happen, then you’re trying to tell the Universe how to run the show. Any time you stress, get anxious about what’s not happening, what speed it’s happening at, or wanting something to turn out a certain way — you’re trying to micromanage the Universe. Going Beyond the Secret of the Laws of Attraction will require some deliberate attention.

Are you way ahead of yourself in the future and not here now? Are you wondering how you’re going to fit into that special dress or stressing about making a good impression at the office party? Wondering why your kids won’t just do what you asked them the first time?

In what state of mind do you wake up in the morning? Does your mind jump right into your To-Do list? I know this time of year tends to bring with it a lot of pressure and expectation. Places to be, things to do, plans to make, the endless lists.

B-R-E-A-T-H ….. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh

Remember the Law of Attraction?
Like Attracts Like.

The the vibration that results from having to do it all, albeit sometimes subtle, translates emotionally as worry. Or, “something’s wrong here, it’s not done, how’s this going to happen?” When fed into the gigantic intention fulfillment machine – a.k.a. the Universe – what gets drawn is the matched vibration or more of the same. The Universe hears and matches “it’s not done” “something’s wrong.” Oh-oh. That’s not what you want.
Clean up time. Time to clean up that vibration. Ready? I’ll teach you some excellent Law of Attraction tools.

What do I want? Oh yeah.

B-R-E-A-T-H …….Aaaaaaaaaaaaah

“I want this season to be light and easy, joyous and generous, sharing and caring”.

Yes, that sounds really good. Let’s feel that for several seconds.

Oh yes, That feels really good

Try on joyous and generous. Nice. Yes, Ill have some of that, please.

Step into sharing and caring. There you go!

It might take you a few minutes to pause, check in and realign to a higher intention. But good for you, you can do it.

I know you’re already feeling better.

Be the deliberate creator you were born to be by checking in and purposely thinking a better feeling thought.

Be the focused allower of your Well-Being by doing regular daily check ins.
How do you check in?

You can scan your body for energy blocks or your emotions for low feelings. Are you shoulders up around your ears? Are your eyes squinted or eyebrows raised? How does your back, your stomach, other parts of your body feel, right now? Shift your focus, do some neck rolls.

How’s your mood? Could you think of something to appreciate?

What’s your emotional state right now? Check in.

Are you letting it in? Letting what in? Are you letting in your natural state of Well-Being? Are you feeling good for no reason?

Is your feeling good dependent on good reasons? Be unreasonable.

Feel GOOD for no good reason. Just feel good to feel good.

I know because of the Law of Attraction that from this better feeling vantage point, you’ll start attracting even better feelings. And from that new point of attraction, more good is coming and then more and more and more. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Get on a good vibration roll. Send yourself thoughts of of love, abundance and better and better and better life experiences.
And expect them to show up.

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Author, writes… …

So many have asked “I’ve tried the Law of Attraction ‘thoughts become things’ and I’m not getting what I want. Why isn’t it working for me. Those of us who have been understanding the basics of the Law of Attraction and have dug deeper can tell you.

The entire Universe, your thoughts, feelings, and everything physical, is all vibration. You can’t fool Universal Mind when it comes to your thoughts. You must think those thoughts without resistance. You say: “but it DO want that new job, or new love, or new home, I’m just don’t know how, when or where it will come from”. Bingo. That’s it. You have made a request and in the very next breathe told the Universe not to bring it by saying “I don’t know how.”

Going beyond the secret of the Law of Attraction is not about getting busier and doing more things to make it happen either. It’s about slowing down and listening in. What’s really going on in your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about those thoughts and beliefs. To get really powerful, you want to focus on the FEELINGS. Your feelings are what is transmitting to the Universe like a radio signal. You may be able to fool your family and friends with your actions and words, but you just can’t fool the Universe with your vibration.

It’s not uncommon for many of us to feel flawed or not enough in some way. That is a large part of the human condition. Using releasing tools, working with a coach, and doing forgiveness work is very important for you to come back to self-love and self-confidence. This enables you to have a cleaner, clearer signal to Universal Energy which will match you up with what you’re emitting. Remember what you focus on will expand in your experience.

There are many books on these topics. Learning the fine points from teachers and coaches will speed you along the way. Private or group coaching is also available for anyone who wants to improve their point of attraction. Letting go and allowing in your highest and best in necessary.

Universal Intelligence, Divine Mind, Spirit, All That Is, is abundant, unlimited and all loving. Tap into the nature of Who You Are by learning techniques that will support you in having the life of freedom you deserve.

Creating Success Through Belief And Positive Thinking

What exactly is visualisation and why would I want to use it?

Visualisation is a technique to deliberately create a mental picture that you put together and decide upon on your own. Rather like painting a picture you have complete control to create an image that you desire. By seeing this picture you will:

a) be able to focus more on achieving that goal because you are very clear what you want. b) be providing yourself with a boost in confidence and motivation as you will start to believe that you can actually achieve that particular goal and will also be more likely to persist with your plans. c) avoid the negative influences of other people as you have already made the decision about what you want to achieve.

You should try to visualise everyday whenever you have a spare moment. Try to make this into a daily habit say on the way to work, just beofre sleeping or whenever is convenient for you. First, empty your mind of all other things so that it is nice and clear. You might want to practice some relaxation techniques here, most people discover that deep breathing works well: deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Now simply form the picture in your mind of that which you want to be, do or have.

The image you see should be as real as possible. Which people are there? What type of clothes are people wearing? What colour are they? What time is it? What is the specific situation? Even what does it smell like and most importantly, how does it feel to have achieved this mental image and goal?

Tips to develop your visualisation skills:

Some people find it difficult to develop visualisation techniques. Here are a couple of exercises you can try to improve yours:

1) Close your eyes and think of someone close to you…your spouse, partner, friend or indeed anyone. move your focus on to their face now. What shape is it? Once you’ve got the shape now fill in as many of the details as you can? The touch of the skin, hairstyle and so on. How realistic can you form this picture in your mind to be? After a few goes at this you should be able to assemble a very real picture in your mind and you will be capable of visualising other things such as objects, people and places with ease.

2) This time think of a particularly enjoyable memory. Maybe the first time you met your partner or a particularly happy afternoon on holiday. Now choose one particular scene or mental picture and recreate that in your minds eye again in as much detail as possible. Really see yourself in your mind living that memory again.

You may also wish to experiment with the law of attraction here. Choose an object, person, place or experience that you would like to be, do or have. select somthing not so out of the ordinary…like winning the lottery, perhaps a bouquet of flowers of a conincidental meeting with an old friend. Hold in your mind the thought of this thing. Visualise it as we have been talking about and try to hold the image for a minute or so excluding all other distractions and actually experience the feeling of having it now.

Do this with expectancy for a few days and then patiently wait and see what happens. Now I’m not going to make any gaurantees here but I do think you ought to try this for yourself and see what happens for you.

Immense power is locked up inside of you. It is possible to control the circumstances in your life by deliberately paying attention to your inner mind. Visualisation is one technique that can help you do this. Whilst work and taking action is always required the power of your mind and of Positive Thinking is immense and you have full control of it. There are many personal development products out there that can help you and also make sure you watch out for the movie ‘Beyond The Secret’ which is gauranteed to be a big hit in this sphere.

Can Understanding the Law of Attraction Change My Life?

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law

Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Relationship Advisor, writes… A Universal Law is one that operates dependably under all situations. A Universal Law doesn’t treat people who utilize the Principle more preferentially. It doesn’t take more kindly to the rich and famous. In fact, the Law of Attraction is working universally 24/7 whether you are aware of it, or not!

Why not harness the power that creates worlds to create the world of your dreams? Law of Attraction Life Coaching does just that.

By now, perhaps you’ve seen or at least heard about the movie “The Secret. Or not. Some say the movie focused primarily on getting stuff, cars, jewelry, homes, etc. Can a Universal Law be that seemingly superficial?

All you have to do is say you want something, spend some time thinking and imagining it and then POOF, it becomes part of your life experience. Just like the genie in Alladin’s lamp who says: “Your wish is my command”.

The Law of Attraction States that What You Place Your Attention on Becomes Part of Your Experience

In very basic terms, the Law of Attraction states in the words of one of the teachers in The Secret, ‘what you think about and thank about, you bring about’. Whatever you focus upon, whether wanted or unwanted, attracts more along the lines of what you’re thinking. You emit vibrations through the constancy of thought. This attracts more people, situations and things that are like those thoughts. You can attract wealth and attract love, too.

You may be wondering, “How does this really work? I’ve been wanting more money for years. I’ve wanted to have a loving partner in my life, and that’s not happening either.”

Your attention and energy has been focused on the lack of what you’ve been wanting, the lack of a better living situation. Your thoughts and your deeply held beliefs are what is transmitting the energy to the Universe that says “I’m miserable, I want a better job, moan – groan, poor me”. Now you may get another job or a new lover, but you took you and your miserable vibration with you – you created another miserable job or relationship. Haven’t you ever noticed same boss, different head? Same guy, different name. The only common denominator is YOU!

This Is An Energy-based Universe

What we put our attention on shifts based on our expectations of potential outcomes. You’ve known since you were a child that words sometimes belie the true intention behind them. I found it very confusing as a kid when an adult would say something, but I knew that their words were not what they meant and felt. Thoughts do create. Anything that has ever been created first evolved from the thought behind it.

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Life

You’re thinking thoughts all day long. Some of them go by completely unconsciously. But they’re powerful nonetheless. You may be re-creating more of the same, by thinking the same old thoughts – so life doesn’t appear to change much. You keep thinking thoughts along the same theme, therefore – same stuff, different day. You have a programmed default setting in there somewhere that needs to be revised and refreshed. We all have them. We’ve learned most of this from our well-meaning parents and teachers. They didn’t know any better. Now we do!

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

It doesn’t happen overnight. It took a while to have these programs installed, but sure enough we can override them. It is very simple process – just not always easy.

That’s where getting some expert Life Coaching comes in. You can start seeing shifts in your life as quickly as you can being changing your thoughts. I’m a skilled Law of Attraction Life Coach and would love to show you how you can transform areas of your life very quickly. For more information visit me at

7 Easy Ways To Attract More Money

Whilst there is certainly more to life than money, neglecting to pay attention to it’s importance will soon catch up with you. Some people say “Money isn’t important” ” I don’t care about money”

and such like, well I’m quite sure that your local shopping centre are bothered about your money, your car broker, your health insurance company and such like. The point being that, regardless of your present belief system; money is definetely important, it gives you both the necessities and luxuries to
anyperson staying a within a civilized place.

I know for some people talking about money, pensions, how much they earn, investment opportunities and so on seems to be almost a taboo subject. These often are generated from deep beliefs like ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘rich people are only rich because they cheated someone’ and so on. It is suprising how something very positive like money can have so many negative attitudes surrounding it.

Consider all of the things money lets you do: cruise around the world, spend precious time with family, speed around in new cars, keep you wearing the latest clothing fashions, look after your family and such like…

{These are very enjoyable activities and things to do and possess so why should you restrain yourself from talking about money}. Here are a variety of different techniques to allow you to attract more money, they are also great for positive thinking and personal development too:

1) Give away money! Attempt to give away money to associations that you feel some connection with. Doing so produces the feeling now that there is already enough to giveaway and strengthens the belief that money is coming to you, thus through the ‘law of attraction’ will draw money back to you. In short:

“Be the source in the life of others of that which you’d like in your own life” – Neale Donald Walsche

Don’t giveaway reluctantly as this sends out the signal of ‘lack’ which of course will attract that very thing.

2) Co-ordinate your beliefs and intentions. Whilst they sound the same in reality they are very different. Your intentions are conscious and are what you choose to do in your mind, whereas your beliefs are unconscious and include the sorts of phrases such as “money is the root
of all evil” as mentioned before.

Bob Proctor suggests the following affirmations as excellent beliefs to adopt:

“Money is good”
“I am the master, money is the servant’
“I am prosperous”
“I am wealthy”

3) Find a role model to copy. There are a great deal of people whom are very successful on this planet, make it your challenge to find out about these characters who are successful in your chosen area, then attempt to replicate their actions and thoughts, that is a really easy shortcut to your desires. Autobiographies are a great starting point.

4) Quit feeling bad about earning money. It is not a bad thing if you are extremely rich. think about all the wonderful things you can put it to use doing. Imagine the people and charities that you will be able to financially aid in the future. Try to find a worthy cause to support with your financial success. A win win situation can be developed here as you feel good about making money as you donate a percentage of it to charity.

5) Surround yourself with vibrant, happy and positive people. people usually turn into the people they mix a with so have a look around at your associates right now. Do you see any of their positive or negative beliefs reflected in you?

6) Be joyful and grateful for what you have right now. Make it part of your routine to be thankful and grateful for the things that you are lucky enough to have. This feeling of gratefulness is the feeling of having it already right now, doing this will in turn attract more of the things that you are grateful for to you, and give you a much happier mood at the same time.

7) Act now! Doing nothing makes very few people rich. Immediately take action. If you come up with an idea, of course you must take action on it. Quit hanging around and waiting for somebody else to earn money from your ideas. Whatever it is that you feel you must do then do it now.

Following the above methods will give you a self-fulfilling expectation of money. Go ahead and decide to lead a prosperous life, it’s your choice. Use positive thinking to your advantage.


The Secret 3 Years Later

Already three years have passed by since the hit movie ‘The Secret’ stormed its way around the world. Do you recall the very first time you saw the hit movie? This was life changing for some people and certainly highly memorable for many more. A lot of people felt renewed optimism after intially watching ‘The Secret’. 

Disappointingly for many however was their inability to transfer that intial burst of enthusiasm and energy into an actual real sustained assault on using the law of attraction in everyday life.
The larger proportion of people can not make the secret work for them after just a couple of goes at it. If that seems familiar to you then do not be depressed or down hearted. A bit like studying a new language, it takes time, you are bound to make mistakes and that is perfectly normal and does not mean that you quit trying to learn, simply leanr from your errors and move on. Maybe it is more practice that you require if the law of attraction is not working in your favour at the moment.

I realise that may sound a touch patronising, to say, ‘be positive’, ‘do not give up’ and so on, particularly when the state of the planet today leads us to think more of failures than successess, what with the state of the world economy, natural disasters and mindless acts of violence that we so often read about these days. 

Of course if your thoughts and feeling are reflecting these bad times then that is what you are going to draw towards you. So, what is the real truth about the secret? How can I ensure that positive thinking, the secret and the law of attraction work in my favour even after all of this time?

Well, here are a few tips as to how to do so:

1. Stop, stopping yourself from receiving. Yes that does sound a bit strange, I mean why would anyone purposefully stop themselves from receiving something they desired? Have a little think on this scenario: a young child is asking for directions from a policeman:

“Excuse me officer, would you mind giving me directions to xyz building?can you, could you, please, would you, please would you mind telling me, how can I make my way to, please…”

What is happening here is that there is no shortage of asking but unless the child keeps quiet and allows the officer to respond then they are not going to get an answer, ever!Then they subsequently will possibly feel despondent turn around and not allow the officer a chance to respond when all the time he was prepared to tell you exactly what you needed to know!

So, you may well be asking for your desires but are you allowing the universe to communicate back with you and giving it a chance to repond to you. You may receive a nudge of what to do in any manner of different ways, these you have to be ready and opene minded enough to see and interpret, they could come in the form of a headline in a newspaper, an inspiring story from someone, a verse from a poem the words in a song or whaetever. Right now, quit trying so hard, be happy and thankful for what you already do have and be content to cast your desires out there.

2. Patience. The creation around us all seems like one big amazing miracle sometimes. It took yeasr and years, to get the advancend technology, enormous mountains and other fantastic things in the world around us to come into being. The world has certain laws that all things must abide with. Using the secret isn’t going to alter them, it can only allow them to work in your direction for a change. So if there is something you desire, give it time to develop, don’t expect miracles overnight, simply be patient!

Acting patiently allows you to enjoy the journey on the way to the accomplishment of your desires and prevents you giving up because of frustration.
3. Do you part through educating yourself. Don’t view the secret and law of attraction as express delivery packages, as already said this is not the case but do think how you can accelerate the process. What course of action is available to you that can help you reach your desired goals. Occassionally this will come to you via education of yourself from courses, guides, coaches but the main thing is to ensure you do your part.

Just as an infant taking their first steps has to do so on their own, they will do it much quicker if they get the chance to see others walking first. Mix with those people who are there already and it will help you gain a more vivid picture of what it is you want and of what you have to do to get there.

So rather than using the law of attraction, positive thinking and the secret as some unique magic wand, treat it as a simple effective process that you have to go through in order to obtain your desires. View it in this manner and you will achieve it a lot quicker. Use the power of positive thinking as muchas you can.

Randy’s Mind Movie – Law Of Attraction – Visualization

My Mind Movie invoking the Law of attraction, as seen in ‘the Secret’, to help manifest everything I want in life. losing weight fast . search engine marketing los angeles . fastest weight loss . Be it Health, Wealth & Happiness. Or even just the ‘know how’ to make a mind movie I saw one of these weeks ago – but didn’t have a clue how to put one together. But I did decide I would ! And must have ‘attracted’ through a positive belief, the mindmovies site that gave me the instructions and tools to do it. I hope you enjoy and would love your feedback. Go On …

Relaxation – 3 Minutes of Bliss – Law of Attraction – Positive Affirmations using the principles of the Law of Attraction Change your life by changing your mind! I’m a Life Coach, a daddy, a true friend and teacher of Mental Self-Mastery. I believe that the contrast provided by the physical world we live in helps us make choices, so that we can work towards being and becoming anything we want. Contact me and I’ll help you let go of your worries and focus on what’s important to you. I’ll show you a simple process that will alow …

‘The Secret’ Movie 2 ‘Beyond The Secret’

It is three years since the hit movie ‘The Secret’ took the world by storm and now the second instalment ‘Beyond The Secret‘ is being released in just a few weeks time. The new movie promises to fill in the blanks that the original did not clear up.

Adter the first movie named ‘The Secret’ blazed its way around the world it has consistently been able to maintain its place in the spotlight. However it certainly has not been easy at times for the producers of ‘The Secret” as it rapidly became a ‘hate it’ or ‘love it’ type movie which received ample criticism from many people.

Some believe that it encourages idle day dreaming due to the fact there was very little emphasis placed upon the actual taking action phase. This part however certainly wasn’t covered particularly well and which made it appear misleading to a few.

It will be interesting to see how the producers go about setting the record straight on a variety of issues in the follow up, ‘Beyond The Secret’. The ‘teachers’ featured in ‘Beyond The secret’ this movie include: Les Brown the Emmy award-winner, Marcia Wieder, Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli and a variety of motivational speakers, writers, life coaches and visionaries who are striving to improve your life with their uncommon wisdom, practical, common sense advice.

Again the movie will be mostly presented by Bob Proctor whose calm assured, authoritative manner is garaunteed to inform and educate without you even really realising it.

Just to whet your appetite further here are a couple of quotes from the presenters of the forthcoming release of Beyond The Secret:

Paul martinelli: “There was a very important step missing from ‘The Secret. We give you the inside track on the real secret to having the life you want in Beyond The Secret.”

Bob Proctor: “‘The Secret’ was a phenomenon, but it’s incomplete and confuses a lot of people. What we do is take them beyond that and teach people how to take control of their lives.”

The movie is due out on June the 23rd and promises much more positive thinking and law of attraction type advice and comment.

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