Take the Law of Attraction Quiz Number One

How well are you at applying the Law of Attraction? Take this little quiz to find out.

Law of Attraction Question 1: When you think of an upsetting experience from the past do you:

A. Run for the gallon of ice cream in the freezer

B. Continue to dwell on the experience over and over again

C. Realize that your past is the past and you have many more great experiences to look back on instead

Law of Attraction Question 2: Your friend from college, whom you haven’t seen in a few years, is coming by to see you. This is the friend that has achieved every goal that they have ever set. You feel:

A. Envious; you can’t believe how they have gotten everything they

have ever wanted and you haven’t

B. Anxious; you feel you haven’t done as well as your friend

C. Excited; you can’t wait to hear how they achieved everything they did so that you can get some tips

Law of Attraction Question 3: You’ve had a pretty hard day. When you go home you:

A. Call everyone you know to tell them what a bad day you had

B. Collapse on the couch and just hope tomorrow isn’t like today

C. Kick back and relax knowing that you created this day and you can create a better day tomorrow

Law of Attraction Question 4: You’re short for the rent this month. You:

A. Totally freak out and see yourself living on the street

B. Even though you told yourself you never would again, you call your mom and tell her your woes in the hope she will help out.

C. Visualize the rent paid and let the Universe take care of the ‘how’ it is paid, and then you trust the Universe and look for ways of making a few extra bucks.

Law of Attraction Question 5: The store parking lot is full. You ask the Universe for a front parking spot and one becomes available and you snatch it up. You:

A. Think it’s a coincidence

B. Are surprised that a parking spot came up

C. Knew a spot would be available and thank the Universe

Law of Attraction Question 6: You’ve been visualizing a perfect mate for yourself. He/she has certain physical features and qualities you want. At the movies, you meet a person that meets all the requirements you specified for a mate except isn’t at all like the physical you visualized. You:

A. Can’t believe your rotten luck; he/she was almost perfect

B. Don’t think you’ll give it a chance, it’s not exactly what you wanted

C. Give this person a chance because you know that the Universe always gives you exactly what you want or better

Law of Attraction Question 7: There is a long line at the post office and you’re at the end of it. You:

A. Sigh and complain to everyone around you that it is taking way too long

B. Get tense and frustrated

C. See yourself at the front of the line quickly and then take the remaining time in line to enjoy a mini-visualization of what you want in life

Law of Attraction Question 8: You have been visualizing a new car for yourself and you finally get it. You:

A. Can’t believe how much money you had to put down to get it

B. Start worrying about how you’re going to make the payments

C. Thank the Universe for the car and know that you can visualize anything and it is yours, including car payments

Law of Attraction Question 9: You go to the doctor and find out you have high blood pressure and he puts you on medication. You:

A. Call your best friend and tell her that, for the rest of your life, you’ll

be on medication for your high blood pressure because you know

that it will never go away

B. Go home and cry. You’re scared you’re going to have a heart attack

C. Take your high blood pressure medication and start a positive visualization of how you are in perfect health with normal blood pressure without medication, and trust the Universe to bring you what you want

Law of Attraction Question 10: You’ve been visualizing for many weeks. You have had signs, here and there, from the Universe telling you that it is working on your desired visualization. You:

A. Are impatient and frustrated, it’s taking way too long to get what you


B. Aren’t sure if the signs you are getting are big enough to constitute it

being a sign from the Universe

C. Are living joyously, knowing that your desire is here now and

you’re grateful for many things in your life everyday

If you answered with mostly A’s you are in some serious Law of Attraction trouble. Find someone who can impart the knowledge you’re lacking and get started right away. You’ll want to immediately break some of the mental behavior patterns that can slow you down.

If you answered with mostly B’s fear seems to be your primary challenge. Remember that fear is the thief of dreams. Work on overcoming your fear through the Law of Attraction.

If you answered with mostly C’s you are well on your way to attaining everything you desire. Keep up the great work with the Law of Attraction.

If you answered a mixture of A, B, and C, then you find yourself at a place that most of us are when we first learn of the Law of Attraction. Get busy and learn everything you can about this wonderful, universal gift and begin enjoying your life to the fullest!

Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site
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How Does The Secret Law Of Attraction Explain Unemployment, A Boss I Hate And Difficult Kids?

I’ve heard about the secret law of attraction but can’t believe I’ve attracted all the bad things in my life.

Abraham, the Father of Faith – a Sermon on Genesis 22

It was early morning. Abraham rose in good time, had the asses saddled and left his tent, taking Isaac with him, but Sarah watched them from the window as they went down the valley until she could see them no more. They rode in silence for three days; on the morning of the fourth Abraham still said not a word, but raised his eyes and saw afar the mountain in Moriah. He left the lads behind and went on alone up the mountain with Isaac beside him. But Abraham said to himself: ?I won?t conceal from Isaac where this way is leading him.? He stood still, laid his hand on Isaac?s head to give him his blessing, and Isaac bent down to receive it. And Abraham?s expression was fatherly, his gaze gentle, his speech encouraging. But Isaac could not understand him, his soul could not be uplifted; he clung to Abraham?s knees, pleaded at his feet, begged for his young life, for his fair promise; he called to mind the joy in Abraham?s house, reminded him of the sorrow and loneliness. Then Abraham lifted the boy up and walked with him, taking him by the hand, and his words were full of comfort and exhortation. But Isaac could not understand him. Abraham climbed the mountain in Moriah, but Isaac did not understand him. Then he turned away from Isaac for a moment, but when Isaac saw his face a second time it was changed, his gaze was wild, his mien one of horror. He caught Isaac by the chest, threw him to the ground and said: ?Foolish boy, do you believe I am your father? I am an idolater. Do you believe this is God?s command? No, it is my own desire.? Then Isaac trembled and in his anguish cried: ?God in heaven have mercy on me, God of Abraham have mercy on me; if I have no father on earth, then be Thou my father!? But below his breath Abraham said to himself: ?Lord in heaven I thank Thee; it is after all better that he believe I am a monster than that he lose faith in Thee.?


It was early morning, Abraham rose in good time, embraced Sarah, the bride of his old age, and Sarah kissed Isaac, who had taken her disgrace from her, was her pride and hope for all generations. So they rode on in silence and Abraham?s eyes were fixed on the ground, until the fourth day when he looked up and saw afar the mountain in Moriah, but he turned his gaze once again to the ground. Silently he arranged the firewood, bound Isaac; silently he drew the knife. Then he saw the ram that God had appointed. He sacrificed that and returned home… From that day on, Abraham became old, he could not forget that God had demanded this of him, Isaac throve as before; but Abraham?s eye was darkened, he saw joy no more.


It was early morning. Abraham rose in good time, kissed Sarah the young mother, and Sarah kissed Isaac, her delight, her joy for ever. And Abraham rode thoughtfully on. He thought of Hagar and of the son whom he had driven out into the desert. He climbed the mountain in Moriah, he drew the knife.

It was a tranquil evening when Abraham rode out alone, and alone he rode to the mountain in Moriah: he threw himself on his face, he begged God to forgive his sin at having been willing to sacrifice Isaac, at the father?s having forgotten his duty to his son. He rode more frequently on his lonely way, but found no peace. He could not comprehend that it was a sin to have been willing to sacrifice to God the best he owned: that for which he would many a time have gladly laid down his own life; and if it was a sin, if he had not so loved Isaac, then he could not understand that it could be forgiven; for what sin was more terrible?


It was early morning. Everything had been made ready for the journey in Abraham?s house. Abraham took leave of Sarah, and the faithful servant Eleazar followed him out on the way until he had to turn back. They rode together in accord, Abraham and Isaac, until they came to the mountain in Moriah. Yet Abraham made everything ready for the sacrifice, calmly and quietly, but as he turned away Isaac saw that Abraham?s left hand was clenched in anguish, that a shudder went through his body ? but Abraham drew the knife.

They turned home again and Sarah ran to meet them, but Isaac had lost his faith. Never a word in the whole world is spoken of this, and Isaac told no one what he had seen, and Abraham never suspected that anyone had seen it.

Eulogies by Kierkegaard, as published in his 1843 book ‘Fear and Trembling’. How do you deal with the conviction that you are being called by God to go and kill your own son? How do you deal with that conviction, and how do you deal with the God whom you perceive to be behind that conviction? These were the questions that so fascinated Kierkegaard in his reflections, and have indeed absorbed a great many great minds before and since.

I had a conversation with a friend in the pub on Friday. “You love other people”, he said, “because when you show love to them, you feel good in yourself.” He wasn’t just saying this about me, of course, but was offering a comprehensive theory of human motivation – that people love other people because it makes them feel good about themselves.

“But” I countered “don’t we generally think of genuine love as something which actually begins after the good feelings come to an end? It’s easy to look after your aging mother when you’re enjoying her company and feeling good about what you’re doing. But it’s when you’re sick to death of looking after her, when you want your own life back and can’t handle her whinging any more, but you push on and you give her your time and your energy anyway – isn’t that what genuine love is: not feeling good about what you’re doing, but doing what you know is right despite how you feel about what you’re doing?”

Surely this is what love is – doing what we are called to do by God, despite what we might feel like doing, because we know that it is the right thing to do. That’s what love is.

But what do we call it when we feel called by God to do something which we don’t just not feel like doing, but something that seems furthermore ridiculous, and something which we feel is actually morally wrong – something that we don’t just emotionally recoil from, but something that also strikes us as being irrational and even wicked?

If love is ‘doing what you’re called to do, despite how you might feel’, what label do you apply to the act of ‘doing what you’re called to do, despite how you think and feel and despite your own God-given moral convictions which are urging you to do the opposite?’ What do we call that? ‘Faith’ Kierkegaard would say.

“Faith … is not the immediate inclination of the heart but the paradox of existence” says Kierkegaard. “While Abraham arouses my admiration,” he says, “he also appalls me. The person who … sacrifices himself for duty gives up the finite in order to grasp on to the infinite… The tragic hero gives up what is certain for what is still more certain… But the person who gives up the universal (i.e. his universal moral principles) to grasp something still higher that is not the universal, what does he do?” How do you understand him?

Oh, to live by principle! Oh, to live according to straightforward rules of duty and commandment. Oh, to simply deal with God the divine lawgiver, who can be grasped and dealt with as straightforwardly as any human magistrate! But to be a ‘knight of faith’ (to use Kierkegaard’s term), to venture out into the darkness – not only the darkness of an unknown future but also the darkness of morally and spiritually ambiguous terrain – holding only the hand of this God…! Who would have the courage to take up that calling? Who indeed?

Why do I read to you this story this morning – this story of Abraham and Isaac, this story of Kierkegaard? It’s not our set lectionary reading. Why do I choose it this morning? Because this story – Abraham’s story, Isaac’s story, and Kierkegaard’s story – is also Morde’s story.

When I first met Morde back in 1986, we stood out the back of St John’s church in Darlinghurst, talking to the early hours of the morning about life, philosophy, existentialism, Nietzsche, and Kierkegaard, over coffee and biscuits.

Morde had been studying philosophy at university in Israel, and he had, coincidentally, focused his studies in much the same area that I had focused on – on the ‘continental philosophers’ Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. We spoke together about Nietzsche’s concept of standing on the edge of your existence and staring into the abyss of your own despair, and Kierkegaard’s concept of throwing yourself into the abyss, and finding that Christ is there to catch you and to hold you. (I think we also talked about a few good-looking chicks we’d seen).

It was clear from the beginning that Morde’s decision to follow Christ and to turn his back on his Judaistic upbringing was, for him, also a decision to adopt the philosophy of Kierkegaard over that of Nietzsche. And yet it wasn’t until some time later that it clicked with me that the only work of Kierkegaard that Morde had ever read was the only one that had ever been translated into Hebrew: this one – ‘Fear and Trembling’ – reflections on Abraham, the father of faith.

Like Abraham, Morde felt called by God to do something that not only scared him, and which he didn’t want to do, but something which he wasn’t even sure was the right thing to do.

All of his upbringing in Israel would have warned him away from this. To tell the world about Israel’s nuclear armaments build-up – that would be to act as a traitor to your family and to your nation. Could it possibly be right for him to not only put his own life at risk, but also to risk the retribution that might indeed be inflicted upon his own mother and father (which indeed did happen)? Was it right to put his own national security at risk for the sake of some broader possibility of peace? Who was he to make that sort of decision? What would he know? And yet … he felt called by God to do it. And so one day he came to the front of the church in Darlinghurst and he knelt down at the alter rail and he said out load “now I give my life to Jesus. Now I do what I must do.”

Oh, to be the knight of faith – to risk everything: not only your own life, but the lives of those you love, your own family and country, and to risk not just death but ignominy and shame for yourself and for your entire family. Who would have the courage to take up such a calling? Who indeed?

It is notable that Kierkegaard also, when he wrote the book ‘Fear and Trembling’ was also working through some Abrahamic issues of his own. In 1843, Kierkegaard had been feeling completely torn about a decision he had to make. He had been engaged to Regina Olsen – a woman he obviously deeply loved. He had completed his doctoral studies in theology and was qualified and ready to be ordained into the Lutheran church of Denmark. A large part of him yearned to move on to ordination and to take up priestly duties in a quiet country parish, with Regina at his side and with children around his feet. And yet … he felt called to do something else. He felt called to become a polemical writer, a prophet who would speak out against the excesses of the church, a missionary and evangelist of sorts who would work outside the comfortable structures of established Christendom. And he knew that if he took this path, that he could not take his beloved Regina with him.

And so he made his morally ambiguous decision. He broke off the engagement with Regina, publicly spurning her as if he no longer cared anything for her (so as to save her from any public embarrassment) and he pursued his work as a writer, for which he became famous.

Abraham, offered up to God his only son, but received him back from God. Morde, we trust and pray, will likewise one day receive back his freedom and his family. Kierkegaard though, it is worth noting, never received back his Regina (though he somehow secretly always hoped that he would). And he lived with the pain of that until his death in 1855, at the age of 42.

There are no guarantees for knights of faith that they will not have to endure lifelong pain because of the sacrifices they are required to make. Did Kierkegaard ever overcome his pain? I think not, though he never regretted the decision he made.

Did Abraham ever regret his decision to follow what he believed was God’s call? We think not.

In the case of Morde, the answer is crystal clear, and let me quote from that letter he wrote from solitary about a year after his capture, explaining his actions:

“[To do what I did] I had to overcome the force of general opinion around me, especially the opinions of those who were held to be wise and intellectual, and those who worked with me. I had to say to them ‘you are mistaken. I know the truth. You are on the wrong track.’ … I had to overcome many personal barriers to do what I did. The chief barrier was the sacrifice of my private life to exposure and slander, and of my plans for the future – all on this alter. But the action was worth it. By this action I pointed out the path in which I believe … about what must be done … [and I demonstrated] the way in which a man must be willing to sacrifice and risk his life for the sake of an act that is important and beneficial to all mankind.”

Abraham rose early in the morning. He saddled the asses himself and left early, before Sarah had awoken, not able to share with her where he was going or what he was preparing to do. He rode with Isaac by his side but they rode mostly in silence. Then he saw the mountain of Moriah in the distance. He laid the alter. He lifted the knife. And so he became the father of faith.

How To Apply Law Of Attraction To My Secret Admirer?

He has a crush on me but not dare to approach me. I know “law of attraction” stated that you may not be able to catch the attention of that particular person you’re infatuated with because that is against that person’s will. However, this person is already infatuated with me, he is just lacking the courage of asking me out. I have no courage to approach him first.
How do I apply law of attraction to this case? Will keep imagining the two of us together as lover will work in this case?

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The Inside Scoop On The Law Of Attraction

We all have those friends that we love to hate. You know the ones I’m talking about – the friends that Lady Luck always seems to shine upon. They can do no wrong, and they have a great career, a great family, and a great life in general. Happiness just seems attracted to them like a magnet.Have you ever considered that happiness doesn’t just seem attracted to these people – that maybe happiness really is attracted to them like a magnet? That’s the theory behind the law of attraction. With the right outlook, manifesting happiness is fairly easy!
A History of Karma
The ideas behind the law of attraction aren’t new. In fact, ancient Indian scriptures from thousands of years ago talk about using the law of attraction for manifesting luck in life. However, this concept has only recently played a larger role in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about or understand the law of attraction, and because of that, the only things that manifest in their lives are stress and unhappiness.
If you’ve ever heard the saying “what goes around comes around,” then you can understand the concept behind the law of attraction. This is exactly like the concept of karma. However, let us modify that statement to be “what you think comes around.” The law of attraction is based on the model that like attracts like – sort of the way two magnets are attracted to one another. Using this idea, you can create the things you want in life simply by thinking about them. Yes, the law of attraction really is that easy!
Real Scientific Roots
This isn’t a bag of tricks, either. There are very real scientific roots behind using thought for manifesting the things you want in life. Think about it. Why do magnets attract one another? On a cellular level, the magnets simply connect. Why can’t the same be true about our thoughts and feelings? Using the law of attraction, why can’t we think about the good things we want in life as a way of helping to connect to them? After all, thoughts are energy. They are real, even if we can’t see them. So, why can’t we use them like magnets?
Manifesting this energy starts with visualization. The law of attraction starts with understanding what you want. This is so that you have a real sense of imagining what you should visualize. Otherwise, the magnetic strength of your thoughts will be very weak and not that effective. What do you want in life? Most of us know when we are unhappy, but few of us can see the big picture. I’m not just talking about having a bad day. Overall, if your life is unhappy, why? Do you want more money? A better love life? A career that you love? Manifesting these things isn’t possible if you don’t know where to start. Always begin by taking a full inventory of your life and truly being honest about how you’d like the law of attraction to work for you.
Once you know exactly what you want, it is simply a matter of belief. Ask the universe for what you want. Visualize it to the point where you can reach out and grab it. Then, act as though what you want is already in your life. Manifesting is all about belief. Here are some great tips you can use to make the most out of your visualizations:
Visualize Every Single Day
Visualize every single day. Intense visualization sessions can help the law of attraction bring what you desire to you. Spend time every morning or every night (or both, if you can), thinking about what you want and believing that you will get it.
Visualize the specific. Manifesting works best if you send out thoughts and feelings about exactly what you want. Say, for example, that you want to find the man or woman of your dreams. Think about what he or she will look like. Think about the characteristics he or she will have. Visualize specific details of what you’d do together and how you’d fall in love.
Be open to the law of attraction. Visualization isn’t enough for manifesting your dreams. You have to believe that what you want will come to you. Be open to receiving it, even if it comes to you in unconventional ways. Always be on the look out for the things you’re visualizing.
Send out strong signals. If you don’t really want something, your signals will be weak. In other words, you’ll have a weak magnet, like the worn out magnets that always fall off of the refrigerator. You have to want your goal with all of your soul.
Never Give Up
Manifesting the thing you want could take weeks, months, or even years! It depends on the rest of the universe. The magnets of the law of attraction are pulling everything in all directions. However, over time, sending out the same signals will help you overcome all other pulls so that what you really want comes to you.
Remember, the law of attraction is not something you can half-hope will work. To really make use of this tool, you have to believe with full force that the things you want in life will come to you. The law of attraction can truly help you become that person everyone envies – the one will all of the luck!

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Not in the Bible But in the Quran; Abraham and His Pagan Father (4)

Abraham’s father was Pagan. He took idols for gods. Abraham was very afraid because he knows the fate of the unbelievers; it is the forever punishment in eternal Hell! Abraham did his best to convince his father to stop his manifest error. Abraham talked to his father many time about worshipping the lord of the worlds. His father never listens; instead he warned Abraham to stop talking bad about his idols gods or he will stone Abraham! Abraham was very upset because his father will eventually go to hell!

Abraham called upon the lord to forgive his father,

Allah taught Abraham that anyone who does not worship Him is belonged to the Satan’s party and hence he is an enemy of the lord of the worlds, the Creator of everything! When Abraham has realized that his father is an enemy of Allah, he dissociated himself from him.

This story indicates that Allah is not interested with blood, race, color, genealogy of the man but He is interested about what is inside the man’s heart, his faith! The Law is that the unbeliever will go to hell whoever he is even if he is Abraham’s father!

This Story is not present in the Bible!


This story of Abraham and his Pagan Father is mentioned in many chapters in the Quran, sometimes in short and/or in some details.

The smart readers are invited to read this interested story.

Abraham’s father (his name is Azar while it is Terah in the Bible!) took idols for gods

Surah (chapter) 6:74

Lo! When Abraham said to his father Azar: ‘will you take idols for gods; surely I see you and your people are in clear and manifest error. ‘

Surah 37:85-87

[85] And when he (Abraham) said to his father and to his people: what is it that you worship?

[86] Is it a falsehood – gods other than Allah- that you desire?

[87] Then what is then your idea about the lord of the worlds?


Abraham debates his father.

Abraham tells him who Allah is!


Surah 26:69-81

[69] And recite to them (something of) the story of Abraham

[70] When he said to his father and his people: what do you worship?

[71] They said: “we worship idols, and we remain constantly in attendance on them.”

[72] ‘Do they hear you when you call on them? ‘He asked.

[73] ‘Can they benefit you or harm you? ‘

[74] They replied: ‘no, but we found our fathers doing so. ‘

[75] He said: have you then considered what you have been worshipping:

[76] You, and your elderly fathers?

[77] Lo! They are (all) an enemy unto me, save the lord and cherisher of the worlds;

[78] Who created me; and he guides me, and has shown me the way:

[79] And he who gives me to eat and gives me to drink:

[80] Who, when i am sick, heals me and restores me to health

[81] Who will cause me to die, and then to life (again);

Surah 21:52-56

[52] When he said to his father and his people: what are these statues to whose worship you cleave?

[53] They replied: ‘we found our fathers worshipping them. ‘

[54] He said: certainly you have been, (both) you and your fathers, in manifest error

[55] They said: have you brought to us the truth, or are you one of the triflers and jest?

[56] He said: nay! your lord is the lord of the heavens and the earth, who brought them into existence (from nothing):, and i am of those who bear witness to this:


Abraham’s father is worshipping Satan!

Abraham’s father threatens to stone his son!

Surah 19:41-48

[41] Also mention in the book (the story of) Abraham: he was a man of truth, a prophet.

[42] He said to his father: ‘o father, why worship that which can neither see nor hear, nor helps you in anything?

[43] Father, knowledge has come to me which has not come you, therefore, follow me. I will guide you on a right path:.

[44] Father, do not worship Satan; for Satan is a rebel against (Allah) most gracious.

[45] Father, I fear that the punishment of the merciful will fall upon you and you will become a comrade of Satan. ‘

[46] But he replied: ‘do you reject and dislike my gods, o Abraham? Surely, if you do not cease I will stone you, so leave me for awhile. ‘

[47] ‘peace be on you, ‘ he (Abraham) said, ‘I shall call upon my lord to forgive you, for to me he has been gracious.(He is ever affectionate to me):

[48] Now I will go away from you and that you call upon, other than Allah. i will call on my lord. perhaps I shall not be unblessed in calling my lord. ‘


Abraham clears himself of what his father worshiped!

Surah 43:26-27

[26] “Behold! Abraham said to his father and his people: “I do indeed clear myself of what ye worship:

[27] “(I worship) only him who did create me, for he will surely guide me.”


Abraham clears himself of his father!

Surah 9:114

“And Abraham prayed for his father’s forgiveness only because of a promise he had made to him. But when it became clear to him that he (his father) was an enemy to Allah, he dissociated himself from him (declared himself quit of him): for Abraham was most tender-hearted, forbearing.”


Back to the main issue of my series of articles; this is my question to you smart readers: “Is the Quran quoted from the Bible?”

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Law Of Attraction – Responsibility

Law of Attraction with Michael Losier from www.LawOfAttractionBook.com shows you how to manifest, attract and live an abundant life.

The Law of Attraction and You

The Law of Attraction, stated simply, says that like attracts like and you can achieve your dreams by thinking about them positively. However, it goes further than that since were it that simple we would all have whatever we wanted and this is patently not the case.So how does the Law of Attraction affect you, and how is it possible to make it work for you? Since you constantly wish that you were rich, and had everything you desire, why has it not yet happened? The answer is amazingly simple, though the remedy is not so easy to achieve. However, more on that later, since we shall concentrate right now on what the Law of Attraction IS rather than on what it IS NOT. You should then be able to begin to understand why it is not working for you.If you spend all your life wishing for something to happen then that is what you will achieve. A life of wishful thinking. If your dominant thoughts are of the ‘what if’ variety, then your life will be full of ‘what ifs’, if you get my meaning. In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must think positively. Positive thoughts will attract positive results, whereas worrying about NOT achieving your dreams will result in you not achieving your dreams. That is the way that most people think. They dwell on the negative aspects of their lives, and so attract these negative aspects.If you are waiting for a job interview, and see several other candidates in front of, you will likely worry that one of them will get the job rather than you. Do not be surprised, therefore, that they do indeed get the job. Your dominant thoughts have been about the others rather than about yourself. It is important that you think in terms of your consciousness, and of you being at the center of it. One way of expressing how this law works is in terms of subjective reality. Other people might be within your consciousness, but it is only your own thought that can dictate the way your life will go. They cannot have an influence on you because in terms of your own consciousness they do not truly exist. It is a form of what is known as ‘subjective reality’ in which everybody else is nothing more than a projection of your own thinking, and that you have control over your own world.If you believe that you will be successful, then you will attract that success to you, because it is your own reality that creates it. Many find it difficult to understand and accept the concept of subjective reality, and find it easier to think of the Law of Attraction in terms of a magnet. This can make it easier to understand since magnets attract, and can also repel. Unlike a magnet, however, in this form of attraction like attracts like, and unlike repels unlike. Hence, you attract to you that which you are focusing most on in your life. If you focus on success you will attract success and repel failure, but if you dwell on failure that is what you will attract to you. Rather than worrying in case a certain outcome does not happen, forget failure and dwell on your success when it comes. Focus on the positive aspects of your life, and they will become even better. However, if you have doubts, then you will fail.Let’s take a tangible example. Let’s say you want promotion in your job. If you think of the benefits that the promotion will bring you, of how more money you will have and the better car you will get with the promotion, then eventually the promotion will come. If, however, you worry in case you might not be up to the job, or think that the other guy has better qualifications than you, you will attract failure, and you won’t get the job.Why is that most successful people seem brim-full of confidence? They are not confident because they have achieved success, but the other way round. They became successful because of their confidence; their confidence attracted success. They didn’t dwell on ‘what if’, but on ‘when I’. Think in terms of ‘when I succeed, and not ‘what if I succeed’, because in the latter you are still thinking in terms of failure.Most people find this too simple to believe, and fail because of it. How on earth can I be successful just by visualizing my success, and thinking about that new house I have been longing for finally being mine? It won’t work. Too right it won’t work, if you keep thinking negatively. You can invoke the Law of Attraction by believing that you will have that new home, and how great it would look with that fabulous barbecue unit in the backyard. I can’t wait!Visualize your success. Creative visualization, as it is called, is an important part of the Law of Attraction because it is a good way for you to focus on what you really want. You must really want what you visualize having, and then allow it come to you. It is the allowing that most people find difficult, since it is very difficult to dispel negative thoughts and a degree of disbelief that the law really works. If you don’t have complete faith in it, then you will not attract your desires. Of course, you won’t have that Ferrari roll up to the drive of your new home simply by thinking about it, but the way to achieve it will be provided to you. The Law of Attraction works but if you don’t believe it then it will certainly not work for you. It involves faith, belief, and total conviction that you will achieve the success that you desire, and the means will be provided to you. You will attract it like a magnet attracts iron. You can find out more about the Law of Attraction online or by reading the words of one of the wisest men the world has known: Solomon. His Book of Proverbs contains many elements of the Law of Attraction, and if you read them with that in mind it might become clearer to you.Other Biblical references include Job 3:25 – “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me”, and several verses in Matthew, including this: “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith” (21:22). In fact, there are many aspects of the Law of Attraction contained within the Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus himself made many references to getting what you want if you have faith and believe it will happen.This is not to infer that the Bible is the basis of, or even promotes, the Law of Attraction, only that the concept of belief attracting results is not a new one. If you truly believe that you will achieve success, and have complete faith with no doubts in your mind, then you will attract that success. The Law of Attraction states so.

John Culbertson is a Mason and Rosicrucian. A new age teacher, speaker and lecturer, he teaches/speaks on psychic development (a six-month course), psychic protection, numerology, astrology, angels, tarot and almost anything else relative to the new age field.
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Law Of Attraction – 4 Fascinating Books On This Subject

It seems that the “Law of Attraction” had concepts that have been around for centuries with several authors exploring the concepts and writing about them. Currently, many books on the “law of Attraction” have been written. Discussed below are the more prominent and featured books published.
1. Hicks’ Law of Attraction
Ester and Jerry Hicks wrote a book simply named “Law of Attraction”. The two were inspired by what they call is a spirit who tells them that they need to instruct people to getting by they want just by believing. The book Law of Attraction is based on the practicalities and the principles of the Law of Attraction. If you read the book, you should have a greater understanding of how things turn out to be. It is then you will understand that the role you play is making the events around you too.
However, this book is not for everyone due to the religious theme it has in it. Yet, if you want to see how the Law of Attraction is applied, this is a good back to read.
Both Ester and Jerry Hicks have written several books on this law. One book is called “The Amazing Power of Deliberant Intent.” The book is finding and having about balance in your life. The concept Emotional Guidance System is used in this book to explain on how keeping your life on track while using the Law of Attraction.
One early book entitled “Ask and It is Given” and is a practical exercise in creating and achieving the life you want. The book has a 22-step process outlined that helps you use the law that will help you along the way.
2. Byrne law of attraction book
Author Rhonda Byrne also wrote a book on the law of attraction. She centered her book on the knowledge of the principles being handed down over time. The book focuses on certain people, past and present.
Those involved it the current thinking of Law of Attraction argue about how its progression works. Those people advise why it works and what it has done for their lives, good and bad.
3. Losier’s newer book on the Law of Attraction
Michael J. Losier currently had a new book published about the law. Its title is “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want.” He talks quite a bit about positive and negative vibrations. The book is laid out in a step by step format.
4. Taylor focuses on Law of Attraction
Another author named Sandra Anne Taylor discusses how the law can work in the aspect of the love life. Her book is titled, “Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Law of Love, Sex and Romance.” She stresses how love is not a feeling but rather energy. She talks about of personal energy fields which affect the way people will perceive or see someone. This field, she said, changes or influences how people act when they are around other people. The principle behind the thought was to change how the energy is around people; in turn, changing the person’s love life too.
There are still numerous books out on the topic of Law of Attraction. By going to the library and looking them up or finding them on the Internet, maybe on Amazon.com or other bookstore sites. Reading these books could change your life.

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