New Year’s Resolution, Law of Attraction Style

Each year many of us make New Year resolutions knowing full well that we are going to try to uphold our promises to ourselves. “This year I’m giving up smoking,” or “This year I’m going to start and finish that book I want to write,” then about three weeks into the New Year we have already set ourselves up to fail. We push back the date saying ‘we’ll do better’ and keep wishing and hoping that we would just hold up to what we promised ourselves.

We then forget all about what we had asked for and when we look back on our New Year’s resolution we feel as if we have failed. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this at all. When making a New Year’s resolution, it is always how you perceive what you want to do whether it will get done. And the Law of Attraction can help you out.

We all know the Law of Attraction and positive thinking takes a full change of mindset from within. When you find out that whatever you put out into the Universe comes back to you in some form, you begin to restructure your feelings and thoughts based on what you decide you want your life to be. It isn’t always an easy task to change a repetitive thought pattern but it is well worth it when you find your life easing up and find a grateful flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

Let’s think about the word ‘resolution’ for a moment. Resolution means to be determined in making something happen. Now we know that words alone aren’t what propel the Law of Attraction into action. It is the thought and the feeling of what we want that initiates what we desire in our lives and it is the feeling; the emotion of how you feel about a certain focus that brings you what you focus on.

Hearing the word resolution brings to mind that you are going to make something happen come hell or high water. By taking on the feeling of resolution it sounds as if we are ready for a fight. It’s going to happen no matter what, and that feeling is one of resistance. And you know what that will bring: more resistance.

Each New Year’s Eve we have a meeting of the minds. We get together with everyone who is a part of our life; those who support and encourage all of our ideas. And we do the same for them. It doesn’t matter if you have anyone to help support you, though. You and you alone can create the New Year as you want it.

We then write down and talk about what our dreams and life inspirations are. We each take a turn in creating the reality we want without resistance. So for those two hours together we imagine ‘as if’ life is just as we want it with all of the ideas and concepts we envision for the next year. Maybe you want to quit smoking. If you were at our New Year’s Eve meeting of the minds you would visualize what it must be like to feel smoke free. You’d breathe easier and enjoy life without something that you thought you needed. You would live in the moment of what it must be like.

Everyone around you would encourage and support your new end result and live through your eyes as you describe your day without smoking. Instead of feeling as if it is going to be an uphill battle you put out the vibration of how it feels to have already gotten what you wanted. This is the Law of Attraction’s way of seeing a New Year’s resolution.

Maybe you vow you are going to make more money this year and then wonder how you’re going to do it. The doubt sets in and you become frustrated, wondering if that kind of New Year’s resolution is going to happen. All of the thoughts and feelings that come along with what you envision become a part of what you send out to the Universe and that is what will come back into your life. The Law of Attraction New Year’s way is to envision what you will be doing next year with a full bank account and all the joy that comes along with that.

Take a moment to imagine a day full of exactly what you want in your new year. See it, feel it, and see it ‘in the now’ of the day. Every day after making your New Year’s wish take some time to imagine ‘in the now’ of having it all and then let it go to the Universe without any more energy spent on how, when, or where. The Universe figures out all that for you. You just envision and stick to your focus and the Universe takes care of the rest because of your constant positive focus on the desires of your life.

So make a New Year’s resolution the LOA way and watch your New Year unfold exactly how you envisioned it. And Happy New Year!

Beth and Lee McCain host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show Radio LOA on Experience Radio and publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator. You are invited to visit Beth and Lee’s Web Site for more Law of Attraction and positive thought and free study materials.

Law Of Attraction – Words and Law of Attraction

In order to understand how Law Of Attraction works in our life. We first need to constantly observe the events that are happening in our life. How we interpret it determines our future life. How we value our experience determines the person we become in the future.Take a moment and think, what are the small things that you change, that ultimately changed your life? It can be a bad habit, it can be the way you think and so forth.It is a matter of understanding how things works.

We can relate these well with words. What creates immediate impact when you heard the word “Christian” ? You may think of the cross. If you are like many people, the cross has more power to produce immediate positive emotion.Now take that cross, twist it into Swastika, and contrast it with the word Nazi. Which has more power to influence you negatively?Again, if you’re like most, the swastika will tend to produce stronger sensations more quickly than the word itself. But we focus on words today first.

This is how it works with Law Of Attraction. When you speak something, you tend to feel the expressions. When you are sad, you will use the word sad to describe you. In contrast, when you are happy, you will use the word happy to relate it with your feelings. The word is ultimately in your mind. When you use a certain words, it created a feeling. That explained why when you use the word “debt” , you can’t get out of debt for life! It relates well with Law Of Vibration, which explained that you must feel good of what you manifest.

Change the word you use in your daily life and you change the way you feel. It eventually change the way you respond to situation , how you act, and that creates great experience. That is how Law Of Attraction works beautifully.If you feel very angry, don’t use the word angry. Change it to “A bit annoyed” . That certainly lower the degree of anger.When you feel happy, instead of telling people around you you are happy, tell them that you are extremely excited. Don’t you feel happier ?

Human tend to create an image when words are use. Use your words to your favor. Trigger positive words and create positive images in your daily life and when you manifest. Here is the mind map :

Positive Words -> Positive Feelings -> Positive Action -> Positive event -> Positive people -> Positive things -> Positive life

“In the beginning was the word……” -John 1:1

Change the way you use words in your life and Law Of Attraction will work better and easier for you

About the Author
Occupation: Internet Marketer, Personal Development Coach
Nicholas Ho is a firm believer and practitioner of Law Of Attraction.He aims to provide the best resources and information about Law Of Attraction and how to successfully use it to dramatically improve their life. You can share with Nicholas about your opinion about Law of Attraction in Nicholas’ website. Sometimes, you just have to take what is yours —->

Are you a Novice or Master user of the Law of Attraction?

If some of you have already read various books about Law of Attraction usage, then you have no doubt already had a dabble at trying to receive something with the Law of Attraction.

Now you may have been chuffed at the result that happened afterwards, but more than likely nothing happened and you are trying to work out why the Law of Attraction is not working for you. Many give up due to the disappointment of not receiving immediately but one needs to perserver and believe.

As you may imagine it is all about knowledge and practice. Everyone can tap into the what the universe has to offer.

Well you may not be aware, but there is actually a mastery to its usage and many users are at a level of knowledge where they can class themselves as Master, and are of course reaping the rewards big time. How do they do it? Do you see others that always get what they want? Well you may have guessed it, they are more than likely mastering the Law of Attraction. Some master it without even being aware that they are doing so.Now that you have found about the Law of Attraction, you can now proceed to learn about the advanced techniques and discover how to succeed where others, even yourself, failed in the practice before.About the Author:The Law of Attraction Advancement Shop was created to offer users the products they need in order to advance to mastership of the Law of Attraction.

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The Real Laws Of Attraction: Why Positive Affirmations Donâ??T Work!

The Real Laws of Attraction: Why Positive Affirmations Donâ??t Work! “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer Author: The Power of IntentionsOverall Your Life is a Reflection of What You Really Think and Feel You Deserveâ??No More, No Less! In the past couple of years, several books on the subject of Attraction have been published. But recently some new thinking has been put forth to refute some of the past motivational dogma. Do you know individuals who donâ??t achieve the levels they would like to or that every time they take a step forward, they seem to take a step back? I will outline a couple reasons why that might be happening. Science has proven that everything in life is made up of energy; our personal lives are no different. Have you ever walked into a room with tension so thick, someone later said, “you could have cut it with a knife”? Or when one of your friends has met the love of their life and you say, “you look so happy, you are glowing.” How can we not only see the emotion but FEEL it, too? Welcome to the science and Law of Attraction. Each of us is like a magnet; we are either giving off positive or negative energy/attraction. There are no neutral magnets. What we are attracting into our lives is reflective of which end of the magnet we are activating. You attract to your life whatever you give your attention to. If you focus on the fact that you have little money, poor health, or few meaningful relationships, the Law of Attraction will respond by giving you more of what you are focusing on. Of course, most people donâ??t really want more of the things they lack, but because they are putting focus and energy toward the negative, more negativity happens. You can not not think of something. At this very moment, I ask you not to think of a black bear. Please donâ??t picture a black bear, black bear, black bear, or a black bear. Almost everyone reading this has visualized a black bear. So just as in the black bear your thoughts are your focus. Let me explain. Your language, words, and most importantâ??the feelings (energy)â??behind the words are critical to your intentionally improving your condition. Remember, like a magnet, you are always attracting energy. The question is: are you being a positive or negative magnet? The research is clear that our conscious and unconscious mind filters out the words donâ??t, not, and no. Just like the black bear example, the statements of Donâ??t be late, Donâ??t forget, or Donâ??t panic result in your mindâ??s focusing on the wrong things. Whatever you give your attention or focus to, you attract into your life, whether you want them or not. Rephrasing the way we think and what we say (the words) are critical to moving forward. For example, you might go from “Itâ??s hard to find a partner” to “In the past, it was hard to find a partner” or “It is easy to find a partner.” Life is about duality; there is an opposite to everything. Poor is the opposite of wealthy, healthy the opposite to unhealthy, and so on. To take advantage of the Law of Attraction, first you must be clear about what you want. The best way to determine what you want is to identify those things in your life that you no longer want and then make a list of what you do want. Clarity is a very important part to this process, so the sharper your thoughts and statements, the better your future. The next step is to be aware how each of your actions and choices is making you feel. It is not enough to have the right words; it is essential to understand the emotions that your words and thoughts cause you to have. The energy created by the emotions fulfills the Law of Attraction. If something on your list irritates you, remove it or keeping modifying it until you identify what energizes you toward a positive way of thinking, then do more of this. Why do most affirmations not work? In the past we have been taught to make statements in the positive and in the present tense to move us toward a new goal or objective, such as “I am a millionaire” or “I have a healthy body weight of ______.” Most of us, myself included, have not had a high level of success with this process. Why? If attraction works equally on the emotional energy level as with the spoken word, what do you think your emotional energy would be around affirmation statements that you feel might be unattainable or even untrue? Your internal feelings/vibrations of doubt will come through in your affirmation process. This information contradicts most teachings in the area of affirmations and explains why many affirmations have not worked. Your mind identifies the affirmation as a lie and your energy and attraction process supports the fact that the statement is a lie. There is, however, a break-through alternative. Credit for this breakthrough concept goes to Michael J. Losier, an expert in the field the Law of Attraction. His process is to get us to create desire statements that acknowledge we are in the process of becoming a millionaire. So rather than saying “I am a Millionaire,” try a new format of “process and projection”: “I am in the process of attracting an ideal financial situation that allows me to do and enjoy all the things that bring joy into my life.” That is just an example but already I suspect you are experiencing how your mind and energy would be more accepting and positive to the latter statement. As you progress, update your statements to reflect your new emotional response to each of your “going forward” statements. This single concept significantly improved my personal energy and attraction success. There is a final part to the Law of Attraction process: remove any limiting beliefs that would hinder your success. The first steps will work when this next element of allowing is deployed. “Allowing is the absence of doubt and doubt is often created from limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a repetitive thought that prevents you from attracting your desire.” Michael J. Losier Author: Law of Attraction Example: your current belief or thought is that there are no more great real estate deals; they are all gone. You want to challenge this belief by asking yourself some questions to replace this limiting belief position. Q: Has anyone in the country attracted a great real estate deal lately? A: Yes. Q: How many people are doing that today, yesterday, last month? A: It is possible that hundreds of people found great real estate deals and that hundreds will continue this year. You end up with a statements like these. â?¢ Hundreds if not thousands of people found and invested in great real estate deals last year. â?¢ Thousands of people will find and invest excellent real estate deals in the next several months. â?¢ Every day hundreds of great real estate investment opportunities become available. Can you see how you can, via these questions, reduce and eliminate your doubt? Of course, much more can be written about the Law of Attraction. Start by implementing what you have learned and continue. If you are already using this technology, make sure you are teaching others. To attract more into your life of what you want and less of what you donâ??t want, follow these action steps. 1. Acknowledge that your emotions are part of the Law of Attraction. 2. Remember that what you focus on, you will attractâ??wanted or unwanted. 3. Be aware of the energy in which you are living: positive or negative. 4. Avoid the words donâ??t, not and no. Today pay attention your language; become conscious of donâ??t, not and no. Then make a conscious effort to eliminate them from your word choices. (Note: Of course you will still use these words such as no more coffee, No Thank You etc. but in the context of wanting something.) 5. Be clear about what you want and desire. Simply list on one page your desires. This is not a goal list but your desires in the major areas of your life. 6. Words are not enough; you must also feel good about the words. Rephrase your positive affirmations to I desire or I am in the process statements. 7. You must remove doubt before you will experience your desires. Question your doubts using the process of creating allowing statements. Most of our doubt is false; identify and challenge yourself that others are being successful in your desire. 8. Stay focused on what you want, not what you donâ??t want. No black bears, right? Until next time, keep “Living on Purpose.” Ken Keis

Ken Keis, MBA, CPC, is an internationally known author, speaker, and consultant. In the past 20 years, he has conducted over 2000 presentations including 10,000 hours of coaching and HR consulting.

He has published over 400 articles, and designed more than 40 business management, leadership, personal development, wellness or sales processesâ??authoring 2 million + words of content along the way.
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The Law of Attraction Explained With the 3 Necessary Elements

We offer the Law of Attraction explained because we don’t want you to be left out. Many, many people are developing their ability to consciously use the Law of Attraction. It’s easier than you think. You too can begin to control this with just a little practice.
We All Understand the Law of Attraction at Birth
We come into this world, well prepared to use our Personal Guidance System to manifest all that we desire. Our Personal Guidance System lets us know whether or not our spiritual self is aligned with our physical self. We know they are aligned when we are happy and we know they are out of alignment when we are not happy.
This is the simple explanation of the Law of Attraction. When you are in alignment, your vibrations are high and you are able to manifest anything you believe in.
If it is uncomfortable when your spiritual and physical self are out of alignment, why would one ever choose to be out of alignment? It begins in our childhood. Our parents insist that we take ballet lessons or they insist that we eat everything on our plates. As soon as we comply with something that puts us out of alignment, we begin the process of stealing ourselves against the discomfort. As with anything else that we practice, we get better at it.
The Law of Attraction Requires Only Three Elements:

1. You have to have a desire. This is a gift from the Universe for expanding your life. Your desire is heightened when you dream about it and think about it.
2. You have to be in alignment so that your vibrations are high. You always receive the match to your present vibrations. If your vibrations are low and your desire is high, this is not a match and the manifestation of your desire will wait until your frequency is a match.
3. You have to believe that once you send your desire out to the Universe, that your manifestation will be coming back to you. This is also called Allowing. A five year old recently whispered to me, “Nancy, I have a magic wand inside me and I can make anything that I want.” This is allowing. Adults tend to add stipulations, such as, “If I get that job, I can have the new car.” “If the bank approves the loan, I can start the business.” The child with the magic wand trusts the Universe to provide.
Jesus said, “When you have the faith of little children, you will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” In the Kingdom, we have conscious use of the Law of Attraction. We can perform miracles as Jesus did.

More details on the Law of Attraction explained can be found at
Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction: Christianity And The Five Great Myths

The law of attraction has received a lot of attention in recent years and many people believe that it is something new or at least “new age”.   Nothing could be further from the truth!

 Did you know that there are over 200 verses in the bible that support the precepts of the law of attraction and that some of those verses date back almost 3000 years?

 What is the law of attraction?

Simply put, the law of attraction states that whatever we think, do or say will result in a change in our universe, a change in our personal world, a change in our circumstance.

The key here is that all of our words and actions begin with a thought then we make a decision to act or not act on those thoughts.  That makes our thoughts extremely important.

 The five great myths

 Myth #1 The law of attraction is just not Christian.

“As a man thinketh, so he is.” is often quoted in articles and discussions about the law of attraction.  That quote comes directly from the book of Proverbs 23:7.  Clearly this verse states the importance of our thoughts and that our thoughts will make us who and what we are today.  That is a fundamental precept of the law of attraction and is supported by the Bible.

 Myth #2 Just visualize what you want and it will happen.

This statement is wishful thinking at its best.  Nothing ever happens without some type of action preceding it.  It’s a fundamental law of the universe, physics, and nature; nothing is changed or created without some type of action.  This law is also clearly supported by the Bible: Galatians 6:7 “Make no mistake: God will not be mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows.”  Clearly, if you sow nothing, you will reap nothing.

 Myth #3 God won’t help you get wealth.The Bible is filled with accounts of righteous, wealthy people. Read the stories of Solomon, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David and Joseph of Arimathea, the list goes on. Wealthy people in the Bible were NOT condemned for their wealth. Some wealthy people in the Bible were condemned for the way they acquired their wealth, or for not helping the poor. Often times God rewarded righteous people with wealth.  God wants us to be abundant in all things.  Think for a moment about the following verses:

 Second Corinthians 9:8 “Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need; you may have abundance for every good work.”

 John 10:10 “I come so that they may have life and have if more abundantly.”

 There is not doubt, God wants us to live an abundant life and have abundance in all things.

 Myth # 4 Money is the root of all evil.

First and foremost, the law of attraction is not just about money. It can be applied in every aspect of your life. That being said let’s dispel this myth anyway. Money is not the root of all evil. Can you build a church or feed the hungry without money? Can you care for the sick without money? Of course not! If you really want to help the less fortunate, make lots of money and use it to help them. The more you make the more you can help. Here is what the Bible really says: 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evils”

 Notice the difference? The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.  Remember, money is not a goal in and of itself; it’s a tool to help you reach your goals.  A million dollars sitting on you dining room table will do absolutely nothing except collect dust.  It’s what you do with it that makes a difference.


Myth #5 This won’t work for me.

If you honestly believe that the law of attraction won’t work for you, then you are absolutely right.  It won’t work for you.  One of the basic precepts of the law of attraction is the importance of “belief.  You must believe the universe, God, will provide for you and believe with such intensity that you KNOW it will be provided.  The Bible tells us how important belief is:

 Matthew 8:13 “as you have believed, let it be done for you.”

 Matthew 9:29 “let it be done for you according to your faith.”

 Obviously, belief is an important factor here.  If you want it, believe it and it will happen.

 Hopefully, these myths have been sufficiently dispelled and you can now continue on the wonderful journey provided by the law of attraction.

 If you would like to learn more about what the Bible has to say about the law of attraction you can download a free e-book at  

David is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the past 28 years then David has owned several businesses and has continued his study of self-help and positive thinking.

David studied Buddhism for over ten years and has been a student of the Bible for over 30 years.

David’s extensive study allows him to address modern day topics with a unique perspective that encompasses new age concepts, eastern thinking and traditional Christian teaching.
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What You Need To Know About The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been getting a lot of attention these past few months. People have asked questions and want to know more about this, so we are going to answer the most common questions here.What is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is a little like using positive affirmations. It uses positive thinking and visualization to get you what you want, however there are many differences also. The positive affirmations work on your attitude to change one thing in your life at a time. The Law of Attraction is comprehensive and “attracts” the good things you desire to you. As a result, all the benefits of attracting that thing are attached to it. It is more of a cascading effect.How does it work? With the Law of Attraction you don’t only change your attitude but your perception of who you are. You believe you can be in a better place, and therefore attract that life to you. This is not a kick back and wait process.

The universe may give you an open door to go through but you yourself need to walk through it. You need to go out and get what you want. The Law of Attraction gives your the opportunity.The opportunities to better ourselves arise everyday. Because we see ourselves in a failing position, we miss the opportunities or dismiss them as ruses to trick or deceive us. The Law of

Attraction allows you to open your mind to the many possibilities and recognize the opportunities when they arise. You are then empowered to act on that opportunity.Where does it come from? The truth is you already have it. The Law of Attraction open you up to accept whats going on around you, and enables you to attract the good. This way you can achieve anything and everything you want.It is a simple method of thinking positively, recognizing the opportunities, taking action on those opportunities and achieving the goal in a passive manner. This could take days, weeks, months or years. Therefore, patience is necessary.How Do I Know It’s Real?It is absolutely real and has always been a part of you. You just didn’t know it until now. The thing to realize is that the material world is NOT going to just fall over and throw all of your dreams at your feet overnight. The truth is that the outside of you does not change. Your world is the same and the universe isn’t going to bow down to you.What WILL happen is that you will be changed on the inside. Once you change yourself, you can begin to change your situation. It is a process and it does take some time, but it is real and it does work.Take a test. As you walk past someone today that you do NOT know, simply smile at them. Chances are they will smile back. You have just “attracted” happiness to yourself without saying a word or touching anything. The Law of Attraction is just like that and works the same way. Attract money, success, happiness or whatever by just seeing yourself already there and it will be “attracted” to you naturally.

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