Life Coach Shares Understandings and Hints on Empowering Your Conception of the Law of Attraction

The intention for the helpful hints and knowledge is that you’ll truly achieve a helpful insight and and opening for yourself. In particular, on how to attain more mastery concerning the three part equation of manifesting.

Those 3 parts of this equation are: Creative Energy + Attract = Manifestation and Allowing Your Creation to Manifest. You can speed up your results by using a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

You Create by having a desire. Pretty natural, correct? Humans have wants every day. Naturally, we are creating every day. But are you holding back or letting your creation manifest? The desire to create is our recurring thought pattern, so is the act of manifestation. We just got off concerning true creation. Be sure when you Create (or desire) you have your intention on that which you desire, instead of the lack there of. A Law of Attraction Coach can assist you in aligning your desire to manifest anything you want!

Attraction occurs by becoming magnetic to your desire. Because like attracts like, right? How do you do that? Creating all the things you want? Well, you imagine, feel and spend your time playing in the intention of how you will feel when you have acquired that which you desire. That’s the beginning of changing your desire’s polarity to attract with what you desire. You truly become an energetic match to that which you desire. You start functioning in your desire as you understand what it’s like to already experience attaining what you want.

Another thing, you are not practicing this so the Universe can get your order right. You’re practicing this as part of YOUR work to be in harmony with what you want. You can receive great Law of Attraction Life Coaching Courses today and begin attracting the life and love of your dreams!

As long as you’re not resisting what you want, by some self-loathing statements, beliefs or feelings, or general grouchiness, anxiety and fear, you will acquire what you desire. As you line up vibrationally and energetically, you will create your want.

I hope these thoughts and tips have assisted you in realizing that you CAN Create and Attract the Life of your Dreams! Happy Creating.

Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at

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Attracting Happiness, Law of Attraction Style

Are you attracting happiness into your life? Happiness is sitting within you right now and how you look at your daily life will guide you to a happy life.

At the end of the day, think about what it held. Think about circumstances that you handled through kindness. Maybe a smile to someone, helping another with their lawn, helping a friend by just listening, giving someone encouragement. Then think about the circumstances that perhaps you could have handled differently. Put yourself in the place of the person who you may have had a bit of a problem with and understand their point of view. Forgive yourself if you reacted irrationally and surround the situation with positive thoughts.

Then think of circumstances of the day when someone else was kind to you and give thanks for that kindness. Through all this you are connecting to the Universe, your Eternal Self within you, and creating a steady flow of being aware of the blessings in your life and taking action on acknowledging your own spirit within. You will find each day you will see with more clarity as you become more aware of how you affect others and how they affect yours.

With this new sense of clarity you will begin to make choices that benefit your own inner spirit as well as the inner spirit of others. Through the positive technique of assessing your day you will have found one of the keys to applying the Law of Attraction consciously. By assessing your day you will begin to feel the connection within every being you come in contact with. You will see how each situation pertains to your life and, by understanding and recognizing this Universal dance that you are a part of, your life will take on a different meaning. You, and only you, are responsible for your own reactions and perceptions of every experience in your physical life. If someone says something derogative to you, you have the choice to decide how it affects you. Realize that what they say can only affect your life if you become wrapped up in the negative feelings it instills in you. Continually finding the peace within you brings a sense of calm and happiness will follow.

Each day assess how you handled your life and your reaction to others. Through your perceptions and a change of your own thought pattern you will begin a calmer and easier life through understanding the Universe and its rhythms. We are all a part of the natural flow of the Universe. We are all meant to be happy. Happiness begins by finding it within all we do no matter what we do. When we are able to understand this and move with it, that is when life becomes an amazing journey. Attract happiness into your life and be ready for a journey like no other.

Beth and Lee McCain host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show Radio LOA on Experience Radio and publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator. You are invited to visit Beth and Lee McCain Web Site for more Law of Attraction and positive thought and free study materials.

Use the Universal Law of Attraction

Can you use the universal law of attraction to attract

When most people think of this they are thinking of attracting money
and this universal law has definitely been portrayed as the only
method for manifesting abundance. The current interest in this is
due to the movie “The Secret,” which has definitely been
responsible for manifesting abundance for all who appeared in it.

Joe Vitale has gone from an internet marketer and e-book author
to being a sought after speaker and best selling print author. We
now know of such people as Michael Beckwith and James Arthur Ray
who both have seemed to prosper after the movie and have been able
to attract the attention of Oprah Winfrey who featured them on her

What though of you and me?

The universal law of attraction has been around since the beginning
of time. What it really is based on is this, whatever your most
predominant thoughts are, that is what you will attract to you.
In fact, since this is a law, it is already working in your life.
You are manifesting money based upon what your thoughts about it
are right now.

Change your thoughts and you will change your ability to manifest

This of course is easier to read off this page than to put into
practice. There are a number of sources with law of attraction tips
you could use to be able to literally “Think and Grow Rich.”
There are books, cd’s and videos on the universal law of attraction,
and of course a ton of retreats, seminars and courses.

In my research, the books, cd’s, videos and seminars are all good,
but most people say that after they have finished whatever media
they have chosen to use, they soon fall back to the way they were
and nothing ever changes.

Those who are finding long term success manifesting abundance in
all areas of their lives and truly getting all they can from this
universal law, are those who have engaged a coach or mentor in their
lives. It would appear that the only way to consistently attract
what you want in life is to be consistent and persistent in changing
your thinking and actions to harmonize with abundance.

Coaches can be found easily enough. There are great resources online.
It is good to ensure the one you work with is consciously working
to attract abundance in their life and have seen success personally
and through their clients.

In conclusion, if you change your thinking and really take action
on what you want in life, the universal law of attraction will work
for you every time. Consistent, persistent action is the key.

The Universal Law of Abundance can be used online with a great business
to attract wealth into your life. If you already
have an online business, you can use the law to attract
a ton of leads
to your site.


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How to Get Static Off the Line Using the Law of Attraction

With the Law of Attraction, everything is made of energy. I’m sure at this point you have heard that, I suppose.

I talk about becoming clean and clear with your vibration as getting the static off the line. You know, the static you get when you have a weak cell phone connection or the dial is tuned a little ways away from the station.

There’s a break in the connection, you can’t hear the person on the other side of the line well or the fuzz on the radio is breaking up the sound of the radio. Learn to free yourself from static on the line with a Law of Attraction Coach.

That is what it’s like when we send what we want to the Universe when we’re not sure about what we want. We also offer a haze in our message when we wonder, question, get impatient, frustrated, doubtful and anxious concerning how long it will take to manifest, in what form it will come, or if it will manifest at all. You can begin creating Law of Attraction Relationships sooner than you’d think with a little work.

Not to mention that there are the old vibration patterns that many of us have, and we’re hardly even aware they’re the static interference vibration, such as, “Am I really worthy of having that?”, or “I’m required to slave away for years to have that kind of success”, “I have not paid what is due”, “Who am I to want that level of love and fulfillment?”, “The people in my life will be envious of my success.”

Your doubt does not help the expanding and well-being of all those that inhabit your world. Play big and show others how to think in a larger scope as well. You’re worthy, that shouldn’t have ever been brought into question. You are a huge being, a formidable energy and powerful creator. Think big and it will allow you to think big with others. That is what we are here for, to play big and share hugely! Create a Law of Attraction Love relationship that you’ll never believe!

Try out operating with the vibration of how great it’s going to show up AS IF that moment is NOW!

Achieve a clear transmission of your wants by vibrating as close to what it will feel like as you can imagine.

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Using the Law of Attraction in Your Life?

The Law Of Attraction is now a household term almost world wide. After the famous movies “The Secret”and “What the bleep do I know” were released, all folks around the world started to inquire more and more about this term and every body wanted to know How to Use the Law Of Attraction in their life.

In fact the Law Of Attraction was always working in our lives with our knowledge or without our knowledge about it. This is an age old law like gravity. Even it did not have a popular name such as “The Law Of Attraction” in the distant past, it was still deciding what people attracted or repulsed in their life.

We do not have to believe in gravity for it to work in our life. Likewise even we believe it or not the Law Of Attraction is doing its work in our lives. The only difference is that almost 90% of us attract what we do not want in our life than what we do want.

The reason is that most of us are unaware how this law is operating in our lives.

The motto here is “What we focus on expands”. No matter if it is good for us or bad for us, the Law Of Attraction will always do it’s duty without whatsoever deferment and give us what we focus most of the time. Even though it seems so simple and hard to believe, this is the simple truth in our lives.

If we need to change what we attracts in our life, the main thing is to change our focus more on to what we want to attract rather than focusing on what we don’t want to attract.

It’s simple said, than done. With all these distractions in the modern world we tend to focus more on our problems than the solutions. You see what happens here? We attract more issues on our problems because our main focus in the problem and not the solution.

Really its that simple. If you need to get rid of a problem what you should do is to stop focusing on your problem and instead focus on the solution.

This is How To Use The Law Of Attraction to the best effect in your life.

Modern world has latest cutting edge technology that could Activate The Law of Attraction in Your Life and use it to the benefit of your life just by sitting on your butt for 30 minutes and listening to a CD.

Sudath Wijesooriya is a Researcher of Brainwave Entrainment, Energy Healing, Law Of Attraction Work and Subconscious Mind Power for More Than 20 Years. He is having Expert Knowledge on How to Heal Relationships, “Inner Child” issues, Healing your Past and Using the Law Of Attraction Correctly to Attract Whatever You Desire in Your Life.
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Law of Attraction – 7 Facts You Should Know

Here are 7 facts you should know about the law of attraction.

1. The law of attraction is real.People might tell you the law of attraction is not real, that its just snake oil. There is really no need to listen to such talk. Just try it for yourself, and find out for yourself.

2. The law of attraction is a law of science.Some people are put off by the fact that the law of attraction cannot be “proved” in the conventional scientific way. But that does not stop it from being a law of science, just like the law of gravity. Indeed, some authorities have argued that the law of gravity is itself a “special case” of the law of attraction.

3. The law of attraction is always working.Whether or not you use the law of attraction, it will still always be working, bringing you more of whatever you are giving your attention to. The way to use it is to focus your attention on those things you want, and away from the things you do not want.

4. You can use the law of attraction.Starting right now, you can use the law of attraction to change your life for the better. You do not need any special equipment for this (although we do recommend you read our blog on the link below!)

5. Whatever you give your attention to, that you will attract.Everything you see and have around you is what you yourself have attracted. If you do not like some of it, you can change that, by giving your attention to those things that you do like.

6. If you use the law of attraction, you can be, have, or do anything you want.The universe is literally limitless and abundant, and it is waiting to give you exactly what you want. It has always been doing that. But by giving your attention to things you do not like, you may in the past have attracted those things to you. Now it’s time to start attracting those things you do want.

7. There is nothing to worry about!

You can find out more on our blog “Design Your Life” at
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How to Use Visualization to Invoke the Law of Attraction and Quickly Manifest Your Desires

After the release of the movie The Secret, a lot of people claimed to have trouble using the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires. When questioned further, many of them would say things like, “I cannot get what I want. I really, really wish it could happen, but I know it will never happen to me. I guess I’m just no good at visualizing what I want.”

This is a case of over-complicating something that is, in fact, quite simple. Visualization is the power of your mind to picture something, – to imagine it. Visualization in order to connect with the Law of Attraction simply means using your imagination, the picturing power of your mind, to focus on something that you would like to have.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is in allowing yourself to choose what you want to manifest, – and not what someone else wants you to have, or what you think you should have as a goal. This happens more often than we often realize.

Our family, friends, and associates have a great deal of influence on us, and often, without meaning to, they persuade us to set a goal that they think we should want. This is not done with malicious intent, but often out of the honest belief that they know what is best for us.

Only you know what is best for you. The Law of Attraction works, and works quickly, but not if you are only focusing halfheartedly on goals that someone else has chosen for you. Choose for yourself, and trust that the rest will fall into place.

The other problem we can run into is when we live in close contact with someone who is very, very clear on what they want, and if we are not equally clear on what we want, a type of ‘bleed-through’ can occur, whereby they get what they want, and we get a hazy version of what we want, mixed liberally with a dose of what primarily interests them.

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you desire. If you are vague about it, you will have trouble picturing it, and the Law of Attraction will take longer to manifest it for you. As well, it will not be exactly what you want. Why open yourself to the possibility of disappointment? Once you get clear about what you want, the Law of Attraction quickly proceeds to activate the necessary situations, people, and places to cause it to manifest in your life.

If you would like to learn more about visualization and the 11 Forgotten Laws that are essential components of the successful application of the Law of Attraction, please visit me at:

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Law Of Attraction – How To Get The Most Out Of It

It seems so simple for a number of people to get what they want with the Law of Attraction while others try with no luck during the process. Many wonder why this is so when there is actually fine motives why people have problems with using the Law of Attraction.
The most common problem and answer is you expect instantaneous gratification when you ask for something. This is not how the Law of Attraction is meant to work. You need to realize that merely sending out positive energy surrounds the object you wish for. You need to trust in the Law of Attraction to send it back to you in the time it wants to.
Patience is a virtue. It is noted that you may spend time drumming your foot and wonder when the Law of Attraction will work for you. When you do this, it means you are not believing in the law and what it can do for you. Basically, you are testing the waters to see what comes of it.
It also seems that you are expecting your reward by certain expectations and methods. Case in point – when you request for money, you expect someone to hand it to you. For the Law of Attraction, it can work in another way. Such as a bill that was wrong that ended up with a credit so instead of paying on said bill, you get extra money for that month in your pocket.
Remember that you may have an idea on how to make extra money and so long as you believe in it and have positive energy surrounding the idea, leave it up to the Law of Attraction to help you see the project through.
Another common mistake that people have is the fact they put too much importance based upon what they see. They will quit believing if they feel that the Law of Attraction is not effective for them. People get aggravated and become a gathering of negative energy that overflows into other aspects of their life.
The issue really is that many people really do understand the law and the science behind it. Any external evidence has no effect on them whatsoever. This is due to having a total conviction and hope that the law is working and has been all along. What happens in the beginning, they feel, is what happens from the bad energy of before.
The law says that any positive thoughts while believing will have fruition when it is time in the future. It is this outlook for the person who has mastered the law. That person will deem the outcome should they believe in the procedure.
A person could have problems with the Law of Attraction if they look upon the past has being so limited. They may have strong emotions or ties that seem too hard to overcome or are too immense to have, or in return just be too much.
When these feelings come up, it changes the energy you wish to send out. Law of Attraction writers and lecturers have come up with ways to be rid of such emotions. The methods devised will permit the person to rid the baggage and copious use the Law of Attraction.
If used properly, the Law of Attraction will work to see what you want is what you get. This is easy and not so easy at the same time. All a person needs to do is think and change how they imagine and experience about things. Come to appreciate the Law of Attraction and it can be made to work for you.

Abhishek is a self-development expert and he has got some great tips on <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>The Law Of Attraction . Download his FREE 48 Pages Ebook, “How To Be The Creator Of Your Own Life!” from his website Only limited Free Copies available.

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Law of Attraction – The Most Powerful Law in the Universe

Do you know how powerful your mind really is? Are you aware of the way your thoughts and emotions are the reason for all the things, both good and bad, that have come into your life? Think about the good and bad things in your life. We all have things we love about our lives and things we wish we could change. A lot of us think that the things that happen to us happen by chance and we are out of our control. That is not true! None of us are victims of circumstance. We all just need to learn the rules that will allow us to live full and happy lives so we can participate in the game of life.
You can’t deny that the law of gravity is real because you can see it in action. The Law of the Universe is also very real and even if you don’t believe in it, it still has an affect on your life. The law of gravity is only real on Earth, though, while the Law of the Universe is everywhere and has no limits.
The most important and strongest Universal Law is the Law of Attraction. What the Law of Attraction says is that we attract things that are similar to the things we have or want, or “like attracts like”. Whatever it is that is foremost in your thoughts is what comes into your life. The thing you need to understand about the Law of Attraction is that if you focus on the things you want in your life you will get them but if you focus on the things you do not want then that is what you will end up with.
You are probably wondering why, if this is true, you don’t have that fancy car or that mansion that you have always wanted? Why haven’t the things you want appeared in your life if it is that easy?
The Law of Attraction is very simple and easy to understand. The problem is we have so many thoughts in our minds that we don’t always focus them on the right things. You may think to yourself that you would love to have a new house in your favorite neighborhood. What a lot of people do then, though, is follow that with thoughts of how it won’t ever happen for us. When you throw the negative thoughts in there you change the energy you are sending out into the Universe from positive to negative.
Let’s give this a little more thought. When you doubt your ability to ever get your dream home what kind of emotions are you sending out into the Universe? Your thoughts are negative and are about how you can’t get the things you desire. These thoughts go out into the Universe and prevent your positive thoughts of what you want from coming true.
Think about money, something we all would like more of in our lives. We all have said to ourselves that we wish we had more money. When you have those thoughts, what kind of emotions are you having about money? Are you happy and excited or are you envious of those with money, angry that you don’t have more money and upset at your financial situation? Money is a very emotional issue for most of us and causes a lot anguish and upset. Even if your thoughts of having more money haven’t come true yet it is possible to make them a reality by using the Law of Attraction.
To experience the power of the Law of Attraction download and use Subliminal Flash program. It imprints positive affirmations in your subconscious mind, so your mind starts attracting good things into your life.
You can have the life you have always wanted and achieve all your goals if you know how to use the Law of Attraction to focus your thoughts on the right things and avoid negativity. Think about how you feel emotionally when you think about a dream or goal you have. Are your emotions balanced or more towards the negative side? Your emotions are a good indicator of how you are doing in your life. Emotions are the key to understanding your thoughts.

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Understanding and Using the Law of Attraction in Your Life

Are you one of the people who watched the movie The Secret and then tried thinking your way to what you wanted and nothing happened? Don’t be alarmed – it happens all the time. Understanding and using the law of attraction in your life is more than just thinking a few thoughts.

The Universe Will Mold itself to you and your desire. It can’t help but do that – it is Its nature. Most people fail to understand that it isn’t your words or your thoughts to which the Universe responds. It’s the feelings generated by your thoughts marrying your emotions. It’s your vibrations.

What Are You Offering Up to the Universe? To truly know what you can expect from the Universe requires YOU to get to know YOU better than anyone else. Besides your conscious thoughts, emotions, and feelings, there is stored energy patterns in your subconscious self which are operating as well. If your conscious feeling created by a marriage of your thoughts to your emotions is in line with your sub-conscious programs, then what you desire should show up in your life pretty quickly.

If, however, your conscious feelings contradict the sub-conscious program, well, you lose. Like an iceberg, 90% of who you are lies below the surface. In order for us to achieve those things we want in life, we need to come to terms with what’s under that water. We need to look inside our closets and get rid of those skeletons, those things that no longer serve us. We need to acknowledge the totality of who we are and embrace our shadow self.

While This Energy Work may seem intimidating and scary at first, once you learn the skills and techniques to do it – it moves along fairly quickly. Once you apply consciousness or observe those things hiding below the surface, they’re no longer hidden. Once you see something for what it is, it is forever changed – and so are you.

Most people as they age through life, identify themselves with what has happened to them, good or bad. We are not our experiences. We are not what happened to us. We are divine children of the Universe. That is our birthright.

Isn’t it time you claimed it?

I’ve been working with spirit on my journey now for over 40 years, and I’m far from perfect. In fact, the longer I walk this path, the more human and earthy I become.

Sometimes I feel just like a Hobbit – a lover of good ale and gardening who wants to be left alone living on the western slope of the Sierra with nature.

But something calls me to share with you what I know. To find out more, visit While there sign up for your free e-mail course, Empowering Your Dreams.

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