The Law of Attraction: How to Act ‘As If’

I first heard the phrase “act as if” about 15 or 20 years ago. I remember learning that if we “act as if” we already have something we want, “act as if” something is already occurring in our lives (even if it’s not), or “act as if” we know how to do something (even if we don’t) — we create the conditions for it to manifest in our life with greater easy and probability.

In recent years, this concept has been popularized and even mainstreamed by books, films, and teachers talking about the “law of attraction” (i.e. like attracts like, thoughts create things, we get what we focus on, etc.)

This past week Michelle and I watched a wonderfully inspiring documentary film called Act As If, which had a profound impact on me. The film is about Kathy Delaney-Smith, the head women’s basketball coach at Harvard University. Kathy, who comes from a working class background and didn’t have much basketball or coaching experience, used the power of “acting as if” to become a very successful coach at one of the most elite institutions in the world. She has also used her “act as if” philosophy to teach, train, and inspire her players both on the off the court for the past thirty years.

Most poignantly, Kathy used the power of her mind and her thoughts to act as if she were healthy and strong as she successfully battled through a life-threatening bout of breast cancer. Her story, strength, and attitude are inspiring and courageous.

The message of this film spoke to me on a few different levels. First of all, it brought the worlds of sports and the power of our thoughts and intention together in a meaningful way, which I appreciated. Second, Kathy’s personal story and her approach with her players are both important things we can benefit from, learn from, and take to heart (in business, parenting, teamwork, relationships, and life in general). And, finally, it reminded me how important it is to be conscious of my thoughts, my intentions, and my beliefs.

As I’ve been reflecting on it more, I realize that although I understand the concept of “acting as if” and I write, speak, and teach about how we have the power to create our own reality, in certain areas of my life – especially the ones that are most important to me or the ones where I feel the most cynical and resigned, I often pay “lip service” to acting as if, while simply hoping things will get better, worrying that they won’t, or allowing the outcome to determine how optimistic or pessimistic my outlook and approach will be.

This has been a sobering, but important realization for me this week. There is a big difference between knowing something and living it.

“Acting as if” is about believing in things that don’t currently exist and that there may not be much evidence for. This is about living a “faith-based” life, not an “evidence-based life.” The term “faith-based” often gets used in a political, social, or moral context when talking about initiatives or organizations that are connected with the church or some specific organized religion. However, being a faith-based person, while it can and often does encompass our religious beliefs and our spiritual practices, is even broader than this.

When we choose to live with a strong faith in things not seen, not proven, and not guaranteed – we tap into the power of the possible and we supersede the literal and predicable.

Wayne Dyer wrote a great book a number of years ago called You’ll See it When You Believe it. So many of us, myself included, live important aspect of our lives with the silent mantra of “I’ll believe it when I see it” and in doing so we hold ourselves back, limit what’s possible, and negate the power of our mind, imagination, and intention to allow and create things, situations, experiences, and outcomes that are new, unpredictable, and even miraculous.

For some of us the idea of “acting as if” is basic and fundamental, for others of us it may be new and/or more difficult, and for still others it may seem out there and quite esoteric. Regardless of how we relate to this idea, we’ve all experienced it in our lives in big and small ways. Kathy Delaney-Smith demonstrates it in the Act As If film in a powerful way through her coaching, her battle with cancer, and how she lives life.

The question for us to ask ourselves is, “What am I acting as if will happen in the most important areas of my life right now?”

We often get exactly what we expect – which is a pretty powerful concept if we take time to let it in and live with that awareness. Instead of waiting to see how things turn out, hoping that they will get better, or simply allowing the circumstances and situations in our lives determine how we feel – what if we acted as if we had everything within us and around us that we need to be successful, happy, and fulfilled already – which we do, by the way!

Mike Robbins is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker, coach, and the bestselling author of Focus on the Good Stuff (Wiley) and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken (Wiley). More info –

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Unlocking the Law of Attraction by Using Powerful Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how powerful your thoughts are? If you could imagine, just for a moment, your thoughts as people, what kind of people would they be? Would they be good people, would they be kind people or would they be nasty people? Would these be the kind of people you invite into your home? Or would you slam the door in their faces?

If you slammed the door on the idea of these “people” coming into your home — let me ask you this — then why do you invite them into your head, which is a more sacred space than your home?

You Have The Right To Choose Your Thoughts — Whether you recognize it or not, you have the right to choose your own powerful thoughts. The reason you may not be aware of this is that it falls into one of three categories:

—->Your Beliefs — what beliefs have you aligned yourself with that draw these thoughts to you.

—->Your Habits — what habits make you hold onto these powerfully negative and upsetting thoughts?

—->Your Self-Discipline– who is in charge of your thoughts — or do you just let any ‘ole thought in without realizing you have a choice.

If you are reading this article, it means you’re interested in gaining control. If you are serious about gaining control, the time has come for you to make acommitment

Commit To Thinking Better Thoughts — Make a decision about thinking better thoughts. Make a heartfelt decision about the thoughts you want to release from your daily life and then make a list of the thoughts you wish to entertain and actively invite into your life.

Here’s a sample list:

Negative Thoughts You Want To Release


  • Nothing ever goes right for me
  • I’m not good enough
  • Why does this always happen to me
  • When am I going to get this right

Positive Thoughts You Want To Invite



  • I am getting good at letting go and letting it happen
  • I am a child of the universe – I am perfect the way that I am
  • I am attracting wonderful new opportunities into my life
  • It’s so nice to know that I can move at my own pace

A small shift in your thinking can make a big shift in your life. You do have control, the time has come to take back control of not only your thoughts, but your life. Powerful thoughts married to powerful emotions create powerful events.


It really is OK to think happy thoughts and be happy, it’s not a crime!

For the most part I’ve viewed myself as a positive person, but it’s easy to be dragged down by the people around you, if you open up to them. The same happens to your thoughts. A good way to rid yourself of negative thoughts is to be aware of them. When you feel one coming on (and you will know by how you feel) just put a big white-lighted X over it and do what Wayne Dyer does, just say NEXT .

For more tips and tools on releasing your powerful thoughts head on over to:

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How To Use Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction says we are the masters of our fate. If we learn how to use Law of Attraction, we can manifest consciously.

Law of Attraction is the Secret that reveals to us the power that exist within us. It is the law that makes the outside world to be in harmony with the world inside us. The world within (inside us) consists of our mind, heart and soul. If everything is well in the world within, then world outside will follow it.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law that makes everything in the Universe to happen or manifest. Our life is not an exception for the Law of Attraction. Constantly, the Law of Attraction is working in our life too. Some of us able to use it consciously while the rest are still using it unconsciously. To attract the best of what we want, we must learn how to use the Law of Attraction consciously.

How To Use Law of Attraction Consciously

To use the Law of Attraction consciously, we must learn and understand it. Once we understand the Law of Attraction, we must apply the principles to manifest the life that we been having in our dream. With proper methods, we can use the Law of Attraction to reach our highest potential.

Based on the teachings about the Law of Attraction, we are the master of our own destiny. We are the master of our destiny because our life consists of things made by our thoughts. The thoughts from our mind are really powerful because it generates energy that will come back to us in different form.

Real Meaning of “Thought” In Law of Attraction

Many of us are the Law of Attraction learners. Some of us have mastered it and some of us are still learning to how to use it. It is familiar with us that whenever we are taught about the Law of Attraction, we are told that with our thoughts, we make our life.

What does this word “thought” really means? It does not mean something that we think about randomly. The Law of Attraction does not manifest the random thinking we have in our mind. A person that understood and mastered the Law of Attraction will know the workings of the mind and the reason thought attract and the reason it does not attract.

In Law of Attraction, the word thought represents not only thinking but including imagination and feeling. These three are the ingredients to attract using the Law of Attraction. If we know how to mix those ingredients, we will have the right manifesting procedure. With the right manifesting procedure, we can use the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want and it can be done consciously.

Learn More About The Law of Attraction

This article was written by Avatar Tamilmagan. In his blog, there are additional resources on the Law of Attraction. With the resources, we can learn how to use the Law of Attraction to turn our dreams into reality.

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Law of Attraction Basics – Deciding What You Want

Manifesting your desires is easy once you master a few law of attraction basics. These basic principles, although simple, are the foundation of your success at manifesting your dreams and desires. Master the core skills revealed in this article and you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of the results that you are getting in life.

What do you want?

What do you want to be? What experiences do you want to have? Where do you want to live? With who? This is where your dream life begins. Deciding which of your dreams to manifest is the first step toward making your dreams a reality. But choose carefully! If you mess up here, you will create problems for yourself further down the road.

There are three specific things that you need to look at when you are picking and choosing which of your desires to manifest first. All three need to be present in order for you to tap into your full inner strength, and to avoid potential problems. Look at each one and see where you can fine tune your desires. This will let you bring your dreams into your life with a lot less struggle.

Choosing Your Dream

1. Do you really want it? This is important. You have to really want your dream. Not just wish for it. Wishes are for fairy tales. It takes a burning desire to reach a goal or dream, for you to unlock your hidden potential.

Here is a secret: Your desire for change has to be greater than your attachment to your current habits and ways of thinking. You have to be willing to change. You have to be willing to be honest with yourself about your choices.

Does your dream get you out of bed early? Does it keep you up late? Is it a priority in your life? Does thinking about your dream get you fired up? Answer yes to those questions and you will be on your way to making that dream a reality!

2. Do you have a strong reason WHY you want this dream? What will reaching this goal or dream mean to you? Why do you want to achieve it? Look at the reasons behind your choices. Be sure that you have a strong reason why you want to make a particular change in your life.

Having a strong motive behind your dreams will allow you to go farther and do more than you could otherwise. You will find yourself more willing to give it your all, you will be more willing to do what it takes, and you will discover that you get better at making empowered decisions that move you forward!

3. Do you know EXACTLY what you want? Even with a burning desire and a powerful reason ‘why’, you will still struggle to reach your dreams unless you are very specific about the details of exactly what you want to attract into your life.

Understand that any details of your dream that you do not choose are being left up to the universe. In other words, you may manifest your dream, but there may be things about your dream that you don’t like or don’t want with it. You manifested a new sports car, but it came with a huge increase in your insurance premiums. Or you attracted that perfect guy, he is caring and compassionate, but he gambles away the rent money every month.

A Clear Vision

You can avoid these problems by getting crystal clear about your desires. The clearer your vision of your future, the more details of your dream that you spell out in advance, the better your results will be. Be specific! Take the time to consider all the possibilities that exist within your dream, all the varied ways that it can show up in your life, and decide exactly how your life will look for you.

Use this list to check each of your dreams before you get too far into the process. This will ensure you that you are tapping into the full power of the law of attraction basics and will help you eliminate many of the problems that can show up.

If you would like to learn more about the law of attraction and how you can manifest your dreams into reality – with less struggle and better results – I invite you to grab your free copy of the ultimate manifesting eBook right now at Click right now and you can begin creating meaningful, positive changes in your life, today!

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Gratitude – Your Key to Activating the Law of Attraction

Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the most important things that you can do to manifest more of the things that you desire into your life. According to Brian Tracy, “Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” When you consciously and consistently develop the habit of expressing earnest gratitude for what you already have in your life, you will attract into your life more things, situations and circumstances to be thankful for.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. According to this powerful universal law, you are constantly sending out vibrations in the Universe. These vibrations are in the form of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and they can be either positive or negative. The events, situations and circumstances that you attract in your life will always be in perfect alignment with the vibrations that you are emitting.

When you are in a genuine state of gratitude, you will be resonating at a higher vibrational frequency since the vibration that you will be sending out will be one of acceptance and harmony. You will, as a result attract into your life more situations and experiences to be grateful for. Expressing heartfelt gratitude for any circumstance projects a magnetic force that attracts to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

According to Jack Canfield “Being truly grateful for what is already present in your life will automatically and effortlessly attract more good into your life. Make a conscious decision to appreciate and acknowledge all that you have already been blessed with. These emotions are of the highest vibrational frequency, and through the Law of Attraction they will attract even more to be thankful for.”

Be grateful for even the difficult situations in your life because very often, it is through these events that you get the best opportunities to grow. If you do not expressing gratitude for the difficult situations in your life, you will be resisting the difficult situations and this will place your focus on not wanting that situation. This resistance puts you in a lower vibrational frequency which only serves to attract to you more difficult events, conditions and circumstances into your life. If, instead you adopt a more positive attitude and you are thankful for the lessons that you are learning while facing these challenging circumstances, you will switch your vibration from negative to positive and you will attract more positive situations in your life.

Louise Hay said “I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say goodies, I do not mean only material things. I mean all the people, places and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living. You know how great you feel when your life is filled with love and joy and health and creativity, and you get the green lights and the parking places. This is how our lives are meant to be. The Universe is a generous, abundant giver, and it likes to be appreciated.”

Spend as many moments as you can every day being thankful for all the good that are already in your life. You all know that according to the Law of Attraction, what you focus on expands. The more we focus on the things that we already have and the more we express our gratitude, the energy of gratitude will draw more of the things we desire to us. Begin your practice of gratitude today and attract more and more abundance, joy, love, prosperity, peace and success into your life. You deserve it!

Priya Deelchand is a Life and Business Coach and Founder of Success Strategies Consultants Ltd. She coaches and helps people worldwide in both English and French using Law of Attraction, EFT and other powerful techniques. If you want to live a happier and more fulfilled life, please visit us at

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Change your thoughts, change your life

Last week I talked about the basics of the Universal Laws that are ever-present in our lives and have been since the beginning of time. Over the next few weeks I will be presenting a more in-depth look into some of the more prominent Universal Laws, also referred to as Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature, which govern our existence. It is through a conscious yet simple choice to explore the depths of these Laws that the simplicity of life is unveiled and experienced.


I want to start by saying that Universal Laws aren’t in any way “religious” in nature; however, they certainly are of a metaphysical and/or spiritual nature. This does not mean you have to be a spiritual or metaphysical person in order for these Laws to produce desired results and begin to transform your life in a positive way. The only thing that determines how they work and the outer manifestations of their perfect orchestration is simply a matter of your own personal choice.


Universal Laws and principles govern every aspect of life and they operate with certainty no matter what one believes in, what country one lives in, what age one is, what gender one is, what social status one has, etc. These Laws are perfect, consistent, and immutable. They make no judgments or determinations based on any of the factors above.


Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction since the release of the movie, “The Secret,” several years ago. It has become the focus of many books and teachings recently, especially in the world of self-development and spirituality.


The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law which states that whatever energy is sent out to the universe is attracted to energies that are of equal and/or harmonious vibration or frequency. “Like begets like.”


Your thoughts attract to you those things that correspond with the quality of your thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive circumstances or events. Negative thoughts attract negative circumstances or events. Thoughts become things! And, it is not only thoughts but feelings, words and actions also produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies.


The Law of Attraction is very powerful and once you become aware of it and how it works in your life, you become more conscious of the choices you make knowing that you are creating the outcome of those choices based on this Law. You are in actuality the creator of your life experience. You are more powerful than you know because you are energetically responsible for the out-picturing of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings — the entire experience you create! It is so simple and yet we tend to make life very difficult. It is all a matter of personal choice. Period. Change your thoughts, change your life!


The good news is that it doesn’t take undue hardship or laborious energy to create the transformation to achieve the life you desire. Your beautiful imagination is the gift that was given you as the main tool for this process, along with your transformed beliefs, expectations and desires that spring you into action. Use the Law of Attraction to serve you, not hold you back.


Catherine Fenske, Grand Junction resident and mother of four, is the owner of Live With Intention Coaching. She worked with youth and families in the criminal justice system for 15 years before starting her coaching/mentoring practice. She has a BA in criminal justice/counseling psychology (Mesa State College), an MA in marriage and family counseling (CU Denver), and is a Ph.D. candidate in metaphysics (American Institute of Holistic Theology). Her Web site is under reconstruction and will be up soon. Reach Catherine at 985-4499 or at [email protected].

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Law of Attraction – Making Your Beliefs Work For You

Just about everybody knows about the Law of Attraction. It was the main theme of the movie The Secret. It’s been talked about on Oprah, Larry King and about a million other places. It sounds great doesn’t it, this Law of Attraction? Think and manifest. Focus on your desires and feel good and everything you want will come to you. It sounds so simple. Yet, why does it seem to not work for so many people?

The problem is our beliefs. I’m not talking about the beliefs that we claim to have. I’m talking about the deep seated core beliefs about how the world works that we cannot deny. Things like gravity. Things like eating too much junk food and not exercising makes you fat and unhealthy. Things like money comes in exchange for some kind of work, not just sitting on the couch visualizing it.

People want to believe that exercise and calories are irrelevant to health and weight. They would love to visualize money and have the checks just show up in their mailbox. Some folks would enjoy bending the law of gravity a bit. The Law of Attraction would encourage these ideas. However, trying to ignore or deny your deep seated beliefs is just another form of resistance. If you know anything about LOA then you know that resistance or pushing against something brings more of it. So, for example, if you are determined to believe that you can look like Jillian Michaels without ever lifting a dumbbell you will fail and probably just get fatter. Because as much as we want to believe, as much as we might see the potential and be open to the possibility of such a thing our true core belief is that it’s not possible.

We must get honest with ourselves and recognize what our real beliefs are. Once we know them, and once we stop fighting them, we can make them work for us. First of all you must fully accept where you are now in order to move forward. If you hate everything in your now and are desperate to have something else, then you may free yourself of the outer circumstances. The details will be different. It will look different at first glance but, all the elements that you put your energy into hating will still be there in some form. So, accept your beliefs, whatever they are.

Believing that healthy eating and exercise are required to get a lean, fit, healthy body is one example. Deep down you believe this but, you don’t want to eat healthy, you don’t want to exercise. If you could change your deep seated belief about it then you could have the dream body without any effort. However, it is rare that anyone can do this. So, accept your beliefs on the subject. Then use the Law of Attraction to work with them.

Start visualizing an exercise session that feels easy. If that’s too big a leap to start, then imagine exercise being OK or tolerable. Imagine your workout is very effective and that you are burning lots of calories. Imagine that you feel fantastic at the end of the workout. Spend time imagining yourself all lean and gorgeous as well but, don’t insist that you get there in a way that circumvents your core beliefs.

Let’s talk money. I cannot think of a single LOA guru who sits on their butt and visualizes money and just has it come to them out of nowhere. Every single one of them works for their money. They may love their work. It may feel like play to them. But they work for their money. If the gurus have to work for it then the rest of us probably have to work for it too.

I’ll give you a personal example. My life seems to go along fine in most areas but, not so much with money. It’s not that I’m destitute or anything close. It’s just that in this one area my goals and my current reality are exponentially further apart than with any other subject. On the other hand I’m really successful in the area of health and fitness. It finally dawned on me that if I spent as much time on making money as I do on being fit and healthy, I’d probably be a millionaire!

Yet, all this talk of visualizing and feeling good in order to get what I want had suckered me into doing little more than wishing for it. Why? I don’t want to have to work hard doing something I hate and I feel unsure how to make money outside of that. And this is where the Law of Attraction really works. Rather than insisting that all you have to do is visualize, intend to receive guidance from the Universe about what action to take. Ask for opportunities to present themselves. Look for ideas and inspiration.

The more you DO things that feel right and feel good toward your goals and desires, the more you become immersed in that energy. The more you see evidence of moving in the right direction the better you feel and the more actions you take that move you further.

According to LOA you should get your energy in alignment with what you want before you take action. I can see the sense in this. I know that when I go and do something that I’m feeling off about it rarely turns out well. However, don’t spend too much time getting the energy lined up. Do it quickly and then get out and do. The strides you will make in comparison to when you were trying to deny your core beliefs will blow you away.

Please visit Club Biscotti for more articles and information, great product picks and more.

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The Law of Attraction and Money

Law of Attraction

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    Relationship Attraction Explained Using the Law of Attraction

    What about your “other” relationships? I mean, the ones with your siblings, your boss, your mother, or teenage step-son. What about your connection with your wealth, your body, your environment? You have relationships with everything.

    How are they made? “What do you mean how do I make these relationships? They are already created”. Well, perhaps, or perhaps not. The thing is, our ways of functioning, those practiced patterns of thinking that go unnoticed most of the time, are actually ever-present patterns of creation. It is an expectation, an already established pattern of being that doesn’t allow for new potential outcomes. We hold expectations about our long-standing relationships, and these expectations are consistently upheld. Your manifestations will almost always follow your expectations. So how about those other relationships? What new expectation could you bring to them? Relationship Attraction becomes easier with the assistance of a Life Coach.

    When you imagine creation as being an ongoing event rather than an already established expectation that is going to happen, you will find there’s much more movement, flow, and possibility that can occur. Energy really is fluid and able to shift easily. You are not trapped in one possibility and neither is anyone or anything else. At any given time there are any number of events that can come to pass. That is true for any relationship you hold. Begin allowing that possibility to every one of your relationships and watch how they start showing up differently.

    You have the power to re-write the story of how they’re showing up. That is correct. You have this capability. Your habitual way of thinking concerning them is precisely how they are going to appear. Law of Attraction Love is possible, and you can have the love of your dreams today!

    Try this… Next time you have less than wonderful thoughts of your ex, yourself, or your boss, attempt thinking about them as perfect just as they are. A Law of Attraction Coach can assist you enormously in the area of intentional manifestation and shedding yourself of limiting thoughts.

    This may feel like a stretch at first, but I will guarantee that if you rehearse that, they’ll begin showing up the way you see them. You’re a powerful creator!

    Make the attempt. And I will be happy to hear from you about it.

    Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at

    You CAN have the Relationship of your Dreams! Download Nanette’s latest FREE Video on the #1 Secret to find and keep the love of your dreams.

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    Jerry & Esther Hicks – The Teachers of the Teachers of Law of Attraction

    Esther and Jerry Hicks are the most profound teachers of “The Law of Attraction” on the planet today. If it were not for them, the Law of Attraction would not even be spoken about. They speak the ideas of Abraham, a cluster of non-physical beings who speak through Esther.

    Now, when I first started learning their work, I had this sense of relief, that overwhelmed me. I was flooded with feelings of relief and began to cry with joy. It was a WOW – LIKE experience. They speak of it being OK to ask for what you want and to expect it to arrive. And if it feels good, it is good for us, and, if it feels bad, it is bad for us. And so encouraging all of us to do those things that make you FEEL GOOD, as much as possible. The central message is “Get Happy and Stay There” and all good things will come flooding your way. This is what “The Law of Attraction” is all about. Reminding us that good is good and bad is bad and that we were born to be happy.

    Now I am a trained Doctorate level psychologist and not once in my training did I hear this message. After 50 or more courses, not once did this message come forth. And I am a trained teacher and not once in this formal training did anyone say, “your main job as a teacher is to teach kids to be happy and do what pleases them.”

    And so, in reading Jerry and Esthers books “The Law of Attraction” and “Ask And It Will Be Given” and listening to several audios and also watching the DVDs entitled “The Law of Attraction in Action” and many others. I have learned something so profound, I will be forever changed.

    The humor and ease with which they teach is uplifting, it relaxes you and brings you forward into your own fullness. Their message calls you forth to be who you are meant to be, and they give you the “how” to do this.

    It is brilliant really, they have developed and articulated what they call an “emotional guidance system,” a method to help one to always know if one is in “Source Energy,” a term used for being in the feelings of love or appreciation or joy.

    These two amazing souls have been responsible for the expansion of the universe by listening to what called them forth. If one only read their books and listened to their teachings and practiced them, that is all that would be needed for complete happiness.

    I am in a complete state of appreciation for their work and their beings, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Joanie McMahon is President of Investment In Serenity Inc.
    She is a teacher/counselor/life coach/psychologist/writer and business woman.
    Joanie has worked her entire adult life helping others move into their magnificent selves. 
    Her passion is understanding fully how to use The Law of Attraction to her and her clients benefit.
    She has an understanding of achieving overall health either physically through nutrition, exercise and stress 
    release; emotionally through Journey work and understanding our Emotional Guidance System; Financially; and Spiritually.

    Joanie’s website are and

    On a personal note, Joanie is passionate about hanging out in the Canadian Rockies where she goes to get rejuvenated on a regular basis by skiing or hiking. She has a regular yoga practice, loves to travel and is a great cook.

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