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All of Your Law of Attraction Questions Answered

I am asked more and more questions that I always answer personally, I thought to myself, “why not share them with everyone”, so I am going to answer YOUR questions and publish them for everyone to read.

Here is today’s question..

“What should you do when you really don’t know that you are going the negative way… and by the time you realize your feelings it seems very difficult to shift focus?”

Here is my reply…

Believe it or not it’s easier to act in a negative way than in a positive way. This is due to the outside influences we all experience, like the stories in the newspapers, programs on the TV and radio, look at the amount of bad news pushed at you every day.

According to the law of attraction “what you think about most becomes your reality”, so what do you think happens when a whole bunch of people listen, watch and read about bad things every day? Hey, you guessed it! bad thing happen, that’s what is happening in the world today.

This has been happening for generations, your parents their parents your grandparents parents have all been affected by the negative vibration in the world. This will continue until more people wake up to the beauty and wonderment of this planet and start to love rather than not love.

Bad stuff happens but you can chose to get involved or you can chose to think in another more positive way. That may sound uncaring and selfish, in a way it is, you have to look after yourself first though, when more people start to act selfish and uncaring in this way the whole world will see a shift in consciousness, then we will start to see a better planet to live on.

You on the other hand want to make more of yourself, you are in the TOP 10% of people in the world who recognise they have a duty to themselves and to be more, to be a better person.

I don’t watch or listen to the news on TV or radio I listen to happy music and listen to or read law of attraction and self help books, articles and courses.

Remember our feelings are our “Emotional Guidance System” this is how Esther Hicks describes it. Learn to trust your feelings, and how your mood effects your behaviour.

Here is the Emotional Guidance Scale Esther Hicks gives in her book “Ask and It Is Given”

Use it to learn to recognise how you are feeling, then from there you can learn to raise your vibration higher on the Emotional Guidance Scale


Joy / Knowledge / Empowerment / Freedom / Love / Appreciation


Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Happiness

Positive Expectation / Belief






Frustration / Irritation / Impatience









Hatred / Rage


Insecurity / Guilt / Unworthiness

Fear / Grief / Depression / Despair / Powerlessness


A great way to raise your vibration is to remember, whatever you think of yourself at that time, “You Are More Than That” think about it, you are, aren’t you? “You Are More Than That”

Keep on your journey, keep learning, keep growing, I will be here to help along the way.

To your success.

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3 Law of Attraction Tips That Beginners Can Use to See Quick Results

Ever since Rhonda Byrne and her “Secret” came out into the open, people have flocked in to find out what this Law of Attraction thing really is all about and what this knowledge can do for them. There are a number of interpretations of course and getting lost between the generalizations is easy. You really need not be a quantum physicist or magical healer to understand how it works though; just a few simple Law of Attraction tips will suffice to ensure that you lead a healthy and fulfilled life.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Birds of a feather always flock together, as the saying goes and now you get to wonder why. Why do people with like interests get along so well? The law of attraction attempts to answer this question, only on a more universal scale. In its simplest form it can be understood as an interpretation of the theory of cause and effect. In other words, you cause something (really anything!) and then get to witness the events. Problem is no one knows how much they are causing around them and (apparently) have no way of controlling it. Here it will help if you try seeing the difference between yourself and the chair you are sitting on, or the table you hand is resting on, clearly there is something between the two of you which is not the same…

That difference is the power to create!

As living beings we are born with an innate ability to create whatever we wish. The majority of us have no idea what we can do with our lives if we simply learn how to control our thinking. Here are a few Law of Attraction Tips that you can use so that you can harness this boundless energy living dormant within you.

LOA Tip 1: Always focus on what you really want- Seriously anything beyond what you are interested in is just distraction. Remember the Law of Attraction manifests whatever that is on your mind regardless of whether you like it or not.

LOA Tip 2: Keep yourself Cheerful: If you are depressed or saddened by something try your level best to uplift your mood; listen to some music, go talk to a friend, read a book or just take a walk. This way you can keep unwanted thoughts from entering your mind, which, if left unchecked, can will turn into a spiraling reality.

LOA Tip 3: Use your emotions to guide you: Your head does the thinking; your heart does the feeling. Firstly don’t let this equation switch places, secondly use these resources smartly. Think before you act and see how it makes you feel, if you are doing the one thing you simply enjoy, you will be bound by the law of attraction to receive more of it.

These law of attraction tips should help keep you on the path to growth and prosperity. The law of attraction does not promise rewards teleported down from heaven, it promises rewards if you learn to use it properly.

Want to learn a few Law of Attraction tips that bring positive people, experiences, and material wealth into your life asap?

Visit my Law of Attraction Money Tips blog to get three powerful strategies to attract the money you want into your life.

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How Do I Use the Law of Attraction? – Transform Your Life Today

I want to start out by saying that is through the law of attraction that has brought you to this article. You are asking “how do i use the law of attraction” and I am going to do my best to show you how to use it.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. So in the most basic way I can put it, what you think about you bring about. Whatever is the dominant focus of your thoughts, you are going to manifest.

The truth is that you are using the law of attraction 24/7. The, law of attraction has been working for or against you for your entire life.

In order to use the law of attraction to benefit you, you need to think positive thoughts. It is way deeper than just thinking positive thoughts, but that is the best way to start as a beginner. The better you get at applying the law of attraction, the deeper you can go into it.

You have to practice using the law of attraction. It is just like anything else you do. In order to become good at a sport you must practice. You don’t just become a major league baseball player by reading a few books or practicing a couple times. You have to put in the time, energy, focus, and determination to succeed.

Try imagining your life the way you would want it to be. Imagine that everything you want you have. You might even want to start with small things to get the hang out it. Start with something like a pair of shoes, or a new cell phone. Focus on having it and feel what it would be like to have it. When you focus on something small it is more believable to you that you can manifest it. The better you get at manifesting the bigger and bigger you can visualize.

Visualization is very powerful. Take 5-15 minutes out of your day and just clear your mind. Try to stop all your thought completely and you will release all your resistance. This is called meditation. Don’t get caught up on the misconception that mediation is a religious ritual done by high ranking religious figures. Mediation is just going into a relaxed state and clearing your mind. So just get in your favorite, most comfortable spot for around 10 minutes a day and just relax and try not to think about anything. Once you get out of your relaxed state you will feel noticeably better.

Do you really think you are harnessing the true power of the law of attraction? Find out what your true being is fully capable of. The only way to figure this out is to learn and practice. Learn from some of the greatest teachers in the world.

Did you know that there are 11 forgotten laws that are directly linked with the law of attraction? Discover them and learn how to really unleash the true power you withhold

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A Powerful Law of Attraction Money Tip You Can Use Right Now

Like the law of gravity, the Law of Attraction is absolute and makes no judgment, regardless of whether or not you believe in in. By understanding its basic principles, you can use this amazing law to draw anything you wish into your life. And when it comes to finances, knowing even one Law of Attraction money tip can make significant positive changes to your bank account (in your favor, of course).

The Law of Attraction (also known as LOA) states that anything that you focus on most of the time will be drawn to you. So commonsense would tell you that if you anted more financial wealth in your life, you’d simply focus on getting wealthier.

Unfortunately, this goes against human nature. What the majority of people do is place their full attention on what they DON’T have as opposed to what they want. Since the LOA will give you exactly what you are thinking about most, people who dwell on their lack of money ultimately attract more experiences to them that keeps them lacking for money. To change this situation, if you have to reverse what you are placing your attention on.

Law of Attraction Money Tip: place all of your mental energy on the money you want to have instead of your lack of money. Sounds simple enough, but just changing your “money mindset” can drastically improve your financial situation. So instead of worrying about not having enough money, you need to place your attention on the money you’d like to have. Get rid of those “I never have enough money” thoughts, and instead replace them with images of the amount of money that you’d like to have.

This one Law of Attraction money tip, if acted on with strong emotion, will manifest money to you almost instantly. If you want more money, then fill your mind with thoughts of having more money. Visualize that money in your hand or your bank account, and it will soon be there, almost as if by magic. Don’t be like 95% of people who struggle each day with not having enough financial resources. Be wealthy in your mind first, and let the LOA take care of the rest.

Joe Pahl – About the Author:


Want to learn a few Law of Attraction tips that bring positive people, experiences, and material wealth into your life asap?

Visit my Law of Attraction Money Tips blog to get three powerful strategies to attract the money you want into your life.

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Manifest Law Of Attraction ‘

How would it feel to be able to manifest anything you want in your life?

Well You have this unique ability everyone does, its just that most people don’t know how to tap into this gift and really manifest law of attraction to benefit from it.

With jobs scarce and it seems as if everything is going up gas,food,clothes except your income. Today, more than ever, is the best time to embark upon the true meaning and power of this law in your life.

So What Is It Anyway

This universal law is what is known as the attraction law.

Here is something of importance to you, this law does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if your young, old, live in a bad area or a good area, rather you’re black, white or brown.

This law applies to every single person on this earth.

So don’t fall into the excuse of saying so and so is blocking me from taking advantage of this law. Nope! No one can discriminate against you benefiting from this law.

Basically this law states that like attracts like.

Having said that, you should understand that it’s much more than physical likeness to this law. The law points to similar energies attracting each other.

People all over the world have proven that thinking in a certain way attracts occurrences of similar nature.

In other words, thinking in a positive way can attract positive occurrences and thinking in a negative way will bring about negative outcomes. These are better known as like energies.

So How Can I Use This

The law of attraction is much more than thinking in a positive manner. Staying positive will give you a better outlook on the universe. You have to go much deeper specific way with this law.

To get the full benefit from this law, you must have a defined outline of what you want. A common way to go deeper with this law is to visualize what you want in the present tense. This is how you get the universe to give you what you want.

With a clear vision and ultimate desire in mind, you have to take the action steps as if you already have what you want. Faith without works is dead.

The next step in this process is to prepare yourself to receive it.

One thing you must know with this law is you have to rid yourself of any doubts. People get so frustrated when they can’t benefit from the law when they have seemed to follow the necessary steps.

Ask- Put out positive energy into the universe

Receive- Act as if you already have what you want in your possession.

Most people naturally have some sort of doubt but has the ability to push them far in the back of their mind. Its important to know that doubt will completely undermine the law of attraction process.

The Power of The Mind

Letting go of your doubts can be hard especially after holding this doubt in your mind for sometime. Don’t think that successful people are immune to occasionally experience moments of uncertainty or may pull back when the one dream they want is about to come about.

One way to strengthen your mind if you find it difficult bringing about what you want. Begin each day with exercises that will keep you positive, reading, books, or listen to a positive audio message.

By practicing these exercises daily and visualizing what it is you want with the actions to get it. You will put yourself in a position to take full advantage of the law of attraction on a massive scale.

About the Author:
To Learn more about how to get your mind to think in a way that will give you everything you want click on manifest law of attraction and finally live the life you deserve.

Antwuan Bell is an active Internet Network Marketer who loves helping people achieve financial success through his Entrepreneur blog. For more information on Antwuan Visit his Blog at Antwuan Bell

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Use The Law Of Attraction To Decide On A Path In Life

If you are be choosing a path that you want to follow in your own life, utilize the Law of Attraction to make it come true for you. You will have to take into account what exactly in your life you actually consider as important to you and just what gives you enjoyment. Remember it is just what you would like and in what way you would like to live your own life. Decide upon exactly what in your life you would like to achieve and be totally focused and permit absolutely nothing to prevent you. Just by utilizing the Law of Attraction it is going to be possible for you to be capable of making it happen.

You will have to understand that everyone creates their individual reality. Everything takes place as a result of what we do. Whatever we choose to do will have an impact on our finance, relationships, where we work; everything, it is simply up to us all and just how much energy we decide to put into it. We will be in total control as long as we remain focused. We must allow our minds to remain receptive ın addition to not letting anything divert us from what we regard as important. By just focusing on our individual goals we will be able to continue to keep moving along right path and our own personal dreams will offer us fresh goals to work for.

Far too many people today place an excessive amount of pressure upon themselves to merely generate money in the belief that just by making more and more money, the better off they are going to be. This sadly is usually not generally the truth. I do believe that we would most likely acknowledge the fact that it would certainly be very nice to have money and attractive things, however our absolute goal in our lives should be happiness and exactly what steps we will need to put in place to accomplish it. The steps may well be straightforward for some and more challenging for others, but by applying the law of attraction the path will become clear.

By simply musing about exactly what you would like in your life you will be able decide on your own goals and choose a path to realize them. You will need to strive hard along the selected path, and yes it may well require a bit of time to make a decision but the moment it becomes clear in your mind you can expect to feel elated and right from that point in time you will be capable of moving forward and become successful. This is the Law of Attraction; you will be using the actual way in which you are thinking to achieve your ultimate goal.

You will will need to work hard in order to become proficient at what you do, and keep in mind the saying “practice makes perfect”. Identify desirable goals and work toward them. Keep on monitoring them, tweak them as appropriate so that you do not fall behind. Be serious regarding your own goals and work tirelessly towards them and providing that you are completely committed, they will develop into a certainty for you.

An essential element you need to recognize from the very start is that you need to make sure that you never take life for granted. Please do not assume that things are going to simply just come about for you without any effort, because they won’t. You will have to understand fully, that in order to achieve success you will have to prepare yourself to work for it and not just allow life to pass you by. Take control of your life, for you are the only person that can, and you will grow in self confidence and success will follow.

If you take control of your life your life will become what you wish it to be. This approach provides you with the ability to decide on the road in life that will be most beneficial for you. Do not become unwilling to change course in the event that you identify the fact that things are not working out as planned, always be positive and move forward, but never never give up.

About the Author:
Learn more about the Covenant of Timeless Wisdom and start using the Law of Attraction to achieve what you desire from life. Well-being, Happiness, and Wealth can all be yours once you understand how the Law of Attraction can work for you. For more information click http://www.the-timeless-secret.co.uk

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    How to Unlock Your Real Wants With the Law of Attraction

    I cannot understand what is blocking me. How do I get rid of what’s in my way so I can attain that which I truly desire? Have you ever heard the philosophy of Hermeticism? “As above, so below. As within, so without”. This ancient phrase basically echoes what a lot of New Agers, Quantum Physicists and Law of Attraction Coaches teach in this day and age.

    Actually, that was the precise query I posed to God and the Universe prior to my personal breakthrough. I was totally fed up. I understood (or thought I did) about the Law of Attraction and yet I did not understand why I continued attracting another unavailable guy. My question was: “what personal facet of myself is keeping me from having what I desire?” I was willing to take account that I was the common denominator in the equation of my unfulfilled love life. But I didn’t understand what was blocking me until I got some expert coaching. My Law of Attraction Life Coach helped me really hone in on the one disharmony in my vibration.

    However, if you’re still troubled, just practice as much appreciation and acceptance for your existence exactly as it appears right now. “What, I am supposed to like what I do not appreciate?” Yes! Exactly. You’ll never experience any improvement if you’re resisting what is present to you currently. Look for the reasons to love what’s so right now. In fact, I like to play the game “How is this perfect?” At any given time, if an event is occurring and you’d prefer it to be different, use that game – ask “How is this perfect?” You will be surprised and pleased what answers start coming back to you. That’s your Inner Being offering you insights into how amazingly blessed your life truly is. We are blessed beyond belief!

    You need to search in yourself, take responsibility and change it. Because what’s within will occur in the outside world. It is the Law of Attraction at play all the time. Neuroscientists have revealed that the conscious mind only functions, at best, at around five percent. 95% or more of the time (for most people 99%) we run our lives from the automatic processor, the subconscious mind. Or should I say, IT RUNS US. You have the power to attract Law of Attraction Relationships, so why not speed up the process with coaching?

    There are a large number of amazing modalities out there made to help you address subconscious blockages and move them out. I recommend working with a trained coach who can help move you through things much more quickly.

    Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at http://www.NanetteGeiger.com.

    You CAN have the Relationship of your Dreams! Download Nanette’s latest FREE Video on the #1 Secret to find and keep the love of your dreams. http://www.LoveOfYourDreams.com.

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