Law of Attraction – What to Do When You Can’t Attract What You Desire

The law of attraction can be very easy for some people but on the other hand most people struggle to attract their desires. The vast majority of people will hit a snag. While you may be able to attract one thing there may be a great many things that you cannot attract. It isn’t because the law of attraction is not working there simply are few things you must master in order to move to the next level.

Let’s take a look at the three essential points you should understand in order to achieve success of the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction Requires Consistent Training

Don’t fall into the trap that so many people do. If you’ve read a book or two don’t stop there. Right now there is a world of misinformation and your mind. In order to be successful with the law of attraction you have to be willing to alter your old beliefs. This takes consistent reading daily practice in order to undo your limited perspective of life. It could very well take you several months of processing new information so that it goes to a deeper level of the mind.

When You’re Stuck and Cannot Attract What You Want

Sometimes you may have a very hard time in achieving a specific goal. This simply means that there is something extra you need to learn either about the spiritual laws or the power of your mind. Your old belief system may be contradiction what you truly want to attract in your life. Think of your mind as a garden. In that garden seeds have been planted for wild berries but you have now decided that you would like to grow some other fruit. In order to prepare the soil for planting you have to weed out the wild berry trees. Your mind works the same way. In order to manifest what you want you must learn to clean out there which may interfere with what you now want.

True Power is Applied Knowledge

The more you read and gain understand of the spiritual laws the stronger you grow in faith. As you grow in knowledge you are better able to apply the skills necessary to make the changes you want. One of the biggest hindrances most people face in attracting what they want is lack of knowledge and faith behind their intention. That is why it’s essential in the beginning to create everything you can find on the spiritual laws and the power of the mind. The more you understand the more powerful become better you become at applying the law of attraction.

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3 Ways to Attract Anything You Want

Many books have been written about the law of attraction. Many things have been said about it and yet it seems many people still don’t understand the law of attraction as they should. So in this article I have decided to reveal the three most important secret of attracting anything you want in life. They are so powerful and effective that once you master them, you will be able to attract anything you want into your life.

1 – Know what you want: That is the first step.Know exactly what you want. What do you want to attract is it a car, house, a spouse, money. Be as specific as you can. Remember ask and it shall be given, but you can’t ask for something you don’t know exist or you don’t really want. So write down exactly what you want.

2- Visualize It: You cannot seize it,until you see it. Once you have written down the things that you want, visualize them as real. See yourself already in possession of it. How will you feel if you had that money in your account? How will you feel when you are in that dream car of yours? Start seeing them right now. It’s called faith. You act as though you already have it and in reality you do. You are pregnant of them and with the next step you will deliver them into manifestation.

3- Take action: This is the part where many people miss it. They think, that just by thinking alone,they will automatically get what they want. Faith without work is dead! As you visualize them, you are going to have ideas and steps come to you on what to do, write them down and take those steps.

Finally, don’t do it once and then quit. Do it over and over again.When one door closes,another one opens. If there is no other door left,break that one that closed through your persistence. So these three steps are the secret of attracting anything you want. Note them and take action and you will change your life in a short while.

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The Law of Attraction – How to Make it Work

There is so much information on the Law of Attraction, yet most people aren’t seeing the results that they visualize. Do you wonder what is going wrong? It’s not hard to change things around. As Napoleon Hill says, once it starts to work it will happen fast.

The Law of Attraction formula is (Vision + Beliefs)* Passion = Manifestation

Most programs suggest that you do the following. Each step is close but has a catch or two.

Write Down Your Goals This is where most coaches start, and this is, in my experience, the last place to start. Have you had success with this? You probably used planning and strategy rather than the Law of Attraction. This will work, but it is not using 4th dimensional power. This is 3rd dimensional stuff.

Visualize What You Want Treat this as an organic project. If you are starting a new job, and you picture the boss as a nice, nice guy and imagine him patting you on the back for doing a great job, that’s natural and organic. This is a random day dream and will generate some good LOA results.

However, if you are currently homeless and have never had a boss you liked and spit on the last one when he fired you, practicing visualization is not going to do it for you. You just won’t believe it. It has no connection to who you are. You can only attract those events and people with whom you share vibrational frequency. If you are a critical, bitter employee who is out of work, you will attract more bitter, critical employees who are out of work, not a great boss.

This is why the Esther and Abraham explain that you must first become the one you want to be. You must first generate the vibrational frequency of a loved and appreciated employee before you can attract that.

Allow This is the next part in most trainings. Allowing is adjusting your vibrational frequency. And, you don’t want to adjust it for one day or even for one week, but for the rest of your life. This is the story of those who win the lottery. They manage to generate a great vibrational frequency for a few hours, or days, and then they lose it and they begin to shed the money that doesn’t correspond to their regressing vibrational frequency.

This is our preferred starting place because if you do this right, you don’t have to work at visualizing. So, don’t visualize anything that is out of your league. Simply work at the things that you love to do.

Passion Once you are doing the things that you love, the first thing that will happen is that you will be happy. This happiness will change your vibrational frequency immediately. You will start to have those natural day dreams that correspond with the activity you are doing.

The second thing is that you will be inspired. You will “think” of things that would be great to do. This will generate more resources through the Law of Attraction so that you can achieve these “goals” which are really inspirations. As you follow through on these ideas, more visions will be generated and then more resources will come your way.

Sometimes we do things that seem like a good idea to us. These things might have made someone else rich or happy. So, we join that group or buy that product. However, if it doesn’t correspond with our original soul’s desire, it just won’t do it for us. So, don’t generate goals and visions. Let them come naturally from your own interests and passion and the Law of Attraction will immediately begin to work for you.

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Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them

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