The Law Of Attraction (Original) Prod. By Anno Domini Beats.

Download Link: Subscribe! Visual Empire Follow! @JFriday Like! Lyrics: I cant tell if some kids are rappin or its an accident, crash test dummy cause most of yall nowadays need some practice, Im out of this world none of yall aint even on my atlas, nike this writin bars I rarely ever see a mattress, everything I say is real and you buggin are just plastic, only thing I see is green Im never stuck in traffic the name is JI do every single thing you havent, if your story is so true than mine it has to be graffic Ill pop your head off while you clappin a blank While Im comin wit a strap thatll dismantle a tank These two playstation cats are on their last urge and bout to get shanked Expect nothin? Eject button! pop out the ratchet and clank! i swear that this beats is an earthquake, and everyones on the run, i got em screamin the sky is falling, while i pullin down the sun. My flow keeps going and causes tidal waves just like them tsunamis, I put creases in my haters minds thats deep like origami Yall have to Excuse Me Im The Al Mighty when I flow I destroy so let me spit for yall slightly Im Digging For The Gold searchin but i Havent Found It yet Avoidin The Grim Reaper everyday positive mind set Murder On The Beat Its A Rap Assassination The World On My dinner Plate yeah I Eat Up all of my Nations imma beast abomination New in the game yeah I am Asian this right here is live and now nah <b>…<b>

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Why Does The Law Of Attaction Not Always Work

More insight on the law of attraction.


More and more I am convinced that virtually everything we experience has to do with frequencies. There are higher, less dense frequencies and those that are lower and more dense. What if those living in the low frequency of lies and deceit at a time when higher frequencies are readily available are operating in a self-destruct mode? Would that not be Divine justice?

Be a Purposeful Creator

When you realize who you are, how powerful you are, you will change everything. Wake up to your power to be purposeful, you are creative principle, the energy behind the law of attraction. Visit

Corporate life and the law of attraction part 1

Pitching the law of attraction with your boss

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Clip from Abraham Hicks Tampa, FL 2005.All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hicks. For more information on Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks please visit their website: My great ultralight airplane plans came from http (more)

Day 36, 100 Day Challenge: Law of Attraction Abraham-Hicks style

Found a way to make a vid ! In high appreciation of this and loads of other things! Did I really talk for 14.59 minutes? And I was in the middle of a sentence! Thanks for listening, really ;)))

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Don’t Stress~Manifest: The Law of Attraction in Action Financial freedom, radiant health, fulfilling relationships and success flow easily and naturally when you learn the principles in &quot;Dont Stress~Manifest&quot; by Barbara ZagataThis Video Doesnt Belong to this Channel

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