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Applying Law of Attraction Affirmations to Focus the Mind on Your Goals

The use of law of attraction affirmations will help you get what is wanted in less time. It helps keep your mind focused on that want. The law of attraction is that you attract what you are most focused on. Thoughts are alive and they vibrate to a certain frequency.

People and situations that vibrate to that same frequency will be attracted to you. If you keep thoughts of good health this is what will come to you. You may be doing all kinds of things to help but you must remember you are attracting not making it happen.

When asked what they want most people will run down a list of what they don’t want. They do not realize these are the thoughts that have been attracting all the things they don’t want. The mind and heart must firmly be fixed on what is wanted. The positive outcome.

So instead of thinking I don’t want to be alone, you would think more like I want to be in a warm loving relationship. Affirmations take it one step further. They are positive reinforcement for what you wish to do or become. You may recite them daily as a constant reminder of where you want to go.

Again it is not just positive thinking. There must be genuine feeling associated with the thoughts. The greater the emotion accompanying them the more power there is to the attraction. The belief that what’s desired is attainable must be absolute. There can be no doubt. Make sure you know you are able to achieve it, if not you are working against the law not with it.

To get affirmations they can be found in books, online or you can make your own. They must be in the first person, must invoke a feeling and have the end goal as part of it. Use post-its to place it in all the places you frequent. If you have an hour long commute put it on the dashboard and keep repeating it. In the morning when you brush your teeth have it on the mirror and repeat it.

You will read your law of attraction affirmations over and over throughout the day and feel the emotions you would feel having received what you wanted. Feel it as if it is happening now. This will help you keep it in your mind and help you attract and receive sooner.

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Law of Attraction Affirmations – Attracting Success

Law of attraction affirmations are being used by more people to think their way to success. Whether the focus is on personal health and happiness or prosperity and business success, this mindset is the foundation of positive thinking. The premise is that we are in control over our own circumstances and that we all attract what we are like. If we are happy, we often attract other happy people. If we are angry or frustrated, we surround ourselves with other angry, frustrated people. To draw high quality relationships, prospects and other connections to you, you must produce those qualities in yourself.

When addressing success, the law of attraction affirmations states that you create your own reality. Positive affirmations that you believe and that are possible create a positive energy. When focused on, they can make a life filled with happiness, purpose and prosperity. You may wonder how this translates to business and marketing. Today’s online consumer is smart and educated. They know what they are looking for and have no patience for the hype and sales pitches that often prove effective in traditional marketing methods. To be successful, not only to you have to believe that you are, you need to be authentic.

Be honest, be interesting, be yourself. Most online consumers will not be manipulated. If you try, remember the law of attraction affirmations states that “like attracts like”. You are liable to attract those people who enjoy exploiting loopholes and manipulating rules to suite their own agendas. If you want customers who have integrity, are honest and insightful, you need to believe in those characteristics and exhibit them yourself. Successful network marketers understand this law and it helps them generate positive cash flow, almost from the beginning. People are drawn to their honesty and truthfulness. These are people who can benefit from your business.

In turn, you benefit from their passion and abilities. One of the primary principles of network marketing is that you provide the value for free at first and the money will follow. If your goals are truly to help others and provide a service that is beneficial, people with become part of your network because they trust and respect you. This is the law of attraction affirmations at work. As you begin building a positive cash flow, you will become more relaxed. This enables you to stop chasing down leads and attract the right kind prospects. The result is an increase in your positive cash flow, helping you succeed.

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